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What I do to keep in shape – Ladies talk about fitness secrets (2)

Staying in shape is all about making good choices and keeping them consistently. To maintain live healthy, one needs to eat right and keep fit both physically and otherwise. sampled opinions of few Nigerians on what they do to keep in shape…


Stella Obinna

I do regular exercise and I avoid fatty foods. I drink lots of water and I enjoy fruits a lot. Most times I add vegetables to most foods I eat and I try as much as possible to avoid eating late in the night.
Kemi Abiodun 
I take a long walk instead of entering cabs on a daily basis. I eat lots of fruits and vegetables. I consume a lot of water, I don’t wait when I’m dehydrated and most importantly, I don’t eat anyhow.
Nyiam Promise
I just do little exercise in the morning and drink a lot of water before anything else. I enjoy fruits and I don’t eat anymore when it is past 9 pm. This is to maintain my flat tummy.
Omolola Babatunde
I do regular exercise weekdays, while I go to gym on Saturday. I also drink a lot of water. I love vegetables and I cannot do without fruits. Oftentimes I eat my dinner on or before 8pm to as well maintain my figure.
Funmilayo Bolaji
I watch the food I eat, I take a whole lot of fruits. I drink water and I do early morning jogging and some other exercises, and I regularly go for medical checkups.
Badmus Habibat
I watch my weight. I love dancing to keep fit as exercise. I eat, at least, if not a well balanced meal, a good diet and I drink water very well. I also eat fruits that are within my reach.
Blessing Ayodele
I drink a lot of water, especially in the morning. I eat a lot of vegetables. I don’t eat excess food and most times I take a long walk instead of entering a vehicle.
Fisayo Kayode
I eat a well balanced diet. I exercise when I deem it fit. I also eat fruits and vegetables and to maintain my shape, I do not eat late in the night. I take water and I take a long walk.
Doris Emmanuel
I try not to eat too much and I walk as much as possible. I like being alone, that is I observe my quiet time and I use it to exercise as well. I make sure I don’t skip eating fruits a day no matter how small.
Lilian Ogbonna
I don’t really eat heavy food, I maintain an adequate balanced diet. I like them light. I go to the gym during the weekend. Though I don’t consume water that much but I eat a lot of fruits and add vegetables to most of my meals. I can as well opt to trekking atimes, it has really be of help to me too.
– Chika Okorie for

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