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What I do to keep in shape – Ladies talk about fitness secrets

Staying in shape is all about making good choices and keeping them consistently. To maintain live healthy, one needs to eat right and keep fit both physically and otherwise. sampled opinions of few Nigerians on what they do to keep in shape…


Lilian Udogu

I don’t diet, I just make healthy eating a lifestyle. I make sure I stay away from processed food. I just find a way to enjoy exercise and I get a lot of sleep as well.



I go to gym. It has really helped me to remain fit and healthy. I walk more, I just park my car and take a long walk. And above all, I eat properly proportioned food.


Mary-Jane Chibike

I make sure I drink a lot of water in the morning and before I go to bed and 80% of my food are made up of fruits and vegetables. Strolling is what I do too to maintain a well balanced shape.


Tunde Folabi

I take a brisk walk most times instead of entering cab. I trek long distances but it has to be  under friendly weather conditions. I also consume a lot of water because I sweat more and I exercise more. I eat lots of fruits and vegetables to maintain an adequate diet.


Bunmi Makinde

Skipping and eating fruits have really helped me maintain my shape. I drink a lot of water and I mostly take a nap to calm my nerves. I try as much as possible to avoid late night food and I exercise a lot to keep fit.


Marcus Kayode

I jog on Saturdays. I don’t miss my Saturday’s jogging and I consume a lot of water. I try as much as possible to maintain a healthy balanced diet and I sleep a lot.


Cynthia Okewu

To maintain a flat tummy, I starve myself. Most times, I make sure I try to do without food. I used to exercise atimes and then I like taking a long walk. I opt to trek most times to exercise my legs and I can’t do without fruits. I eat a lot of it to keep fit.


Gbenga Joseph

I drink water first thing in the morning and I take a long walk and jog back home. I don’t sleep too much, but I eat a lot of fruits and most times I watch what I eat.


Dolapo Thompson

I make sure I consume a lot of fruits and vegetables. I take water too and I try to do some small exercise in the morning. I also try to skip late night food to maintain a flat tummy, and I mostly trek to work.


Godwin Agada

I go to thecgym and I drink a lot of water, first thing in the morning every day. I also try to rest when am stressed up and I eat vegetables and fruits a lot.


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