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What Ife Chiefs Said On Succession


ON Monday, August 24, 2015, ENCOMIUM Weekly reached out to some Ife chiefs and kingmakers on the selection of the Ooni of Ife, and they all upheld the institution of the oracle as the most significant when it comes to who would ascend the throne.

One of the chiefs who also doubles as secretary, Ife Traditional Council, Alhaji Saka Awojoodun corroborated the earlier submission, saying, “No one can start parading himself as the next Ooni until the oracle speaks.  It’s only the oracle that decides who becomes the next Ooni.  And the oracle has not spoken.  So, let’s wait until that time.”

Another strong palace chief, Chief Atetedaye also said, “There is a tradition in Ife Kingdom, of course, in all Yorubaland.  You can’t play down the issue of the oracle.  And we haven’t got to that stage.

“Now, it’s the royal family that will decide who to send to the kingmakers.  And they know the method appropriate for the screening among themselves.  It’s not yet our matter.  And mind you, there are usually many princes that may be qualified and interested in the throne.  So, there will be screening by the family.  It’s not yet a town matter.”

Also speaking with Jaaran of Ifeland, Chief Adekola, he told ENCOMIUM Weekly there is a due process which must be followed before one can become the Ooni of Ife.  He added they’re yet to get to the bridge.  So, nothing to cross yet.

“I can’t really comment on that.  As of now, there is nothing to talk about at our level.  There is a laid down procedure to be followed.  And we’re yet to get there.  So, when we get to that stage, you will be informed.”

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