What makes Charisma unique’ – Chioma Ngwolo

Fair skinned Chioma Ngwolo is the face behind Charisma an upscale boutique that clothes the fashion forward Lagosian. Located in the highbrow area of Ikeja, Lagos. Charisma caters for the woman who loves looking good and standing out in the crowd.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with the pretty woman behind the store on why her store is the toast of fashion lovers.


How did you conceive the idea to set up Charisma?

charisma-1-c360_2016-08-13-09-28-59-619-1It is something I have passion for. I can say it is inborn, from my childhood. I just love looking good and dressing well. As I grew up, I became more conscious of what I wear then I knew, I would end up in something that has to do with fashion.

How did you come about the name, Charisma?

Charisma means personal charm. As a woman, you should put on attires that are charming. I also have charisma as a trait, that is why I named my store Charisma.

Who are the people Charisma caters for?

Mostly ladies, young, old, all shapes and sizes. Those that have the desire to dress well, they want to make heads turn when they walk. Anybody who wants to look good and be addressed well, most especially ladies. We sell everything a woman puts on, clothings, accessories, under garment, everything a woman puts on except hair.

What makes Charisma unique?

I am an extra ordinary person. We stock exclusive items at Charisma. We sell unique things, we don’t just follow the trend. We sell stocks that are very classy, attractive and of high quality. My clients always come back to tell me that people admire them when they wear what they bought at Charisma.

Where do you source your wears?

I travel to the US, Turkey, UK.

Clients most, especially women can be a bit difficult to manage, how do you relate with yours?

I treat them with love and meekness. I don’t discriminate. I treat those that buy things from me equally with those that buy more from me. I give discount as well. Those things have helped me a lot. I get a lot of referrals from my clients as a result.

What will you say has been your staying power?

It has been God all the way. I put God first in everything I do. I pay my tithe, I treat my clients right and I also have conscience.

I am a consistent person, I believe you just have to keep moving no matter the challenges on your way. I believe so much in determination and hard work. It can take you far not just in business. I am dedicated and passionate about fashion. It is something I have flair for.

It gives me joy when my clients come back to pick things from me because they are satisfied with what they purchased at Charisma. Fashion has been something I have been passionate about since childhood. I can dress myself up and sit down in front of the mirror to admire what I put on.

What are some of the challenges you have faced in business?

Getting good hands to help in the business. Some people I employed sometime back just wanted to become madam over night. They don’t want to pay the price in other to get there.

Another challenge in this industry is imitation. The rate at which people copy the original is alarming. There are a lot of fake clothes out there. It is easy to tell which is fake and which is original. At least the smart ones can differentiate the fake from the original.

How price friendly is Charisma?

Charisma is very affordable. We cater for everybody, the average, the rich. Charisma has something for you when you visit us.

What advise do you have for people going into fashion?

They should do what they have passion for. Don’t do fashion business because you think it is lucrative. You must love what you do. When I travel to buy my goods, I don’t see trekking around to get all the items I want to buy as stress, I derive joy in buying from one place to another. I just love what I do. So, I do it passionately.

I will also advise them to be focused and determined to make it.

Where do you see Charisma in five years?

I see Charisma as a brand. We should have branches in major cities in Nigeria and my home town as well.


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