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What Olanike Disu’s orphans need right now


The two orphans left behind by Abayomi and Olanike Disu (Omoyeni and Ayomide) need moral, psychological, spiritual and financial interventions as they lost both parents barely 6 weeks apart.

While their father died on July 25, they lost mummy on September 4 – with their lives permanently changed as they contend with a future redefined by the absence of their parents.
With the finality of death apparent and more pronounced as mummy is buried this afternoon (Monday, September 11), families and friends, as well as doctors and clerics must rally round Omoyeni and Ayomide. Never leaving them, encouraging and properly situating the tragedies, interventions from all angles will help smoothen their paths.
Here are the immediate interventions as compiled by
1. Counselling by clerics 
It’s difficult to cope with the loss of a parent, and being orphaned, with both parents dying 6 weeks apart, is an uncommon upheaval.
Clerics must step in now, not one-off, but consistently guide and encourage the siblings as they situate the experience.
They shouldn’t tell them not to mourn, but reiterate that death is life. A new life, an opportunity of salvation.
Clerics should draw up a programme to check on them for at least a year as they become stronger.
2. Pep talk by psychologists 
Psychologists will be able to measure the impact of the deaths and the coping mechanism of the children.
And design a winning programme of recovery and resurgence.
Bereavement is difficult to cope with. And a double dose is more devastating.
Taking them through bereavement should be left for experts.
3. Monetary support 
Money to help in minimising their financial needs is very important.
Family and friends should rally round, in the absence of a trust fund, insurance or savings, to help start a fund to attend to the immediate and short needs of the children as they plan a more deliberate strategy to see them through the future.
4. Emergence of father and mother figures
They need those who will provide their parental, emotional needs, without trying to take the place of Abayomi and Olanike Disu.
They are looming figures who are altruistic and act in their best interest.
They may be family members or close friends of the deceased.
5. A loving home 
They need a loving home which is similar to the one they have always known.
A home that provides the security young people require.
A home full of laughter and fun and beautiful memories. One that makes it easy to cope with the loss.
6. Committed family members, caring and understanding friends
This is the time family and friends have to invest time and energy in making the siblings feel deeply loved and cared about. They all must ensure that they provide shoulders the Disu siblings can lean on for a long time.
They need long-term care and attention.

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