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What the body language of the President and wife reveals…

The latest photographs of President Muhammadu Buhari and his wife, Hajia Aisha, as he vacations in London (the United Kingdom), meant to douse tension following the nonsensical rumour of his death, portrayed a serious man unbothered about all the hoopla.

The body language of the 74 year old retired General revealed a statesman uninterested in PR gimmicks. But his wife’s indicated eagerness.

Here are some deductions as analysed by keen students of body language:

  1. The photographs were not stage managed as the President was decked in a jumper with unmatched pair of trousers. The wife also was not looking prepared.
  1. Both were holding their hands in front of their bodies, depicting they wanted to get the pictures out of the way as quickly as possible.
  1. In one of the pictures, Hajia Aisha was not even sitting comfortably as she appeared to be perching (possibly on a stool) to show how rushed it was.
  1. The postures in the three pictures were almost identical to show the no-nonsense atmosphere.
  1. “Do l need to convince anyone that l am alive?” seems to be the message the President was conveying.
  1. While the wife was saying, “Let’s just get this done. It is important.”
  1. The only excited figure in the pictures is the lady who joined them. “I told you, he’s alive. I have seen for myself!” she was silently screaming.
  1. The President appeared a bit under the weather, and was not excited at all with the intrusion.

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