What to do when you are stuck during sex

Though very uncommon, lovers being stuck during sex can happen, especially with extramarital escapades or with partners who are uncomfortable during the tryst.

Penis captivus following vaginismus requires an enormous concentration from the copulating partners.


Here are 5 steps to take as compiled by


  1. Sometimes the involuntary spasm by an abused woman uncomfortable about sex can occur anytime.

And it may last a few minutes.

So, the couple should stop penetrating and gyrating.


  1. Wait for a few seconds hoping the muscle of the vagina wall will relax and the engorged penis will flatten.


  1. Take your minds away from sex or erotica, and see if the distraction will lead to separation.


  1. If you are still stuck, scream for help. And let them call for emergency medical intervention.


  1. While waiting for the intervention, do nothing. Just wait.

Or let those around ferry you carefully to a medical centre.

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