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What to wear to a funeral

  • T’iku ba npa ojugba eni, owe l’o npa fun ni

(Yoruba proverb – ‘When your age mates begin passing on, your time is near’)

A funeral is not the ceremony where you make a fashion statement or show how well-heeled you are? It is not a place to proclaim your beliefs and idiosyncrasies that some may find offensive and rude and distracting.

It is a solemn affair where obedience of the rules to the letter, according to the dictates of the organizers, are adhered to.

And at most funerals, sombre and plain attires are encouraged. Those who enjoy adorning suits should pick dark colours (black or dark grey), white shirt and dark tie (black or dark grey) and black, inconspicuous shoes.

Gentlemen who are comfortable in traditional attires should do white, black, grey or navy blue. Except the programme dictates ‘formal’, forget your agbada or babariga, unless you are an elder statesman.

If Ankara is your call, make sure it is dark and unobtrusive.

Loud colours and hearty laughter are not permissible at funerals.



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