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What we can’t post on social media – Nigerians reveal

The social media, the new media, has come to stay, with several platforms connecting people all over the world. Every learned or matured individual now has at least one social media account – from Facebook to Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, BBM, Yahoo messenger, to mention but few. These social media platforms serve various purposes, like meeting new friends, communicating with a handful of people at a time, uploading pictures, sharing posts and the likes. 

Meanwhile, the social media has helped produce marriages, business ties between people from different countries, lasting friendships and other positive things.

However, each of these medium has its own excesses and people tend to go out of their way to do the unthinkables thereby landing themselves in one trouble or the other. A lot of such cases have been recorded in the past. spoke with social media users on what they can never post. Below are their responses…


Agbeleye Olayinka

I cannot post anything that arouse sexual attraction, posting of dead bodies. I cannot post anything that will be regrettable after posting it on social media.


Tajudeen Najim

I can’t post my private life on social media and anything pornographic. You cannot see me uploading it on social media.


Ige Taiwo

Anything about my life cannot be posted on social media, except motivational talks or some sensible pictures.


Olaosebikan Mary 

I cannot put my naked or other people’s nakedness on social media. But I can put any other thing on social media even about my life.


Akorede kazeem

I can’t post nude pictures and my private life on social media because it’s not men for public.


Titilope Sewa

My private life. I can’t flaunt my wealth on social media. I only go there to stay abreast of what’s going on and to post important messages.


Salami Folashade

I can post news, important messages on social media, but I cannot post my private life, my wealth, discussing my family issue on media and pornographic picture that cannot be done on social media.


Kayode Ibukun

I only go to social media to get information, latest news, chat with my friends and do business online. But I am not there to post my private life and to post something that is against God’s wish.




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