What we love and hate about Lagos

Most  Nigerians like to visit Lagos, while some people would say they can’t live anywhere else except Lagos. 
We sampled opinions of Lagos dwellers on what they hate and love about the city of 21 million people…
Bimbo Adigun
I love Lagos because of the good roads. The roads are well decorated as well compared to the state where I am based.  I hate Lagos because of the traffic congestion. You can be in traffic for hours, God save you if rain falls and you are going home late, I am sure you will get home at midnight.
Opeoluwa Omorinoye
There are job opportunities in Lagos state, even though the money may not be much, at least you will be able cater for your needs moderately. I hate Lagos because of the lawlessness. A tout can come from nowhere, stab you and make away with your money.
Toyin Alabi
Lagos is a mega-city, it is the hub of everything, it is just a happening city. I hate Lagos because you can’t get fresh fruits or food items to buy, even fruits and food in season. You can hardly get fresh stuffs to buy.
Kareem Aminat
The fact that the road is fairly good, the governor of the state is also working hard to ensure there are good roads in the state. I hate the rate at which people are taxed, it is just too much. And then, Lagos is too populated.
Azeezat Kareem
The fact that you can easily adjust your standard of living, you can survive any how in Lagos. But it is a very dirty state. Sanitizers have not come to pack garbage on my street for the past three weeks now.
Adarora Benjamin
Lagos is a bubbling city, it is a place where everything goes. You can manipulate what you have to get what you want. But the stress is killing, it is just too stressful.
Niyi Sobaloju
It is a nice place to live, you can catch fun at ease, a lot of fun places to visit. Things are expensive and there is a lot of insecurities in the state.
Nike Abegunde
I like the fact that it is a mega city, a beautiful place to live in. It is a rough place though and densely populated.
Nneka Joseph
There is too much traffic, insecurity, harassment as well. On the other hand, it is a land of opportunities, the ambiance in few places makes it a beautiful city.
Lolade Olasiji
Lagos government like demolishing houses and rent in Lagos is also too much . There are business opportunities.
Petra Onuah
The population is too high, it is a dirty state and some people are just too too rough. It is a land of opportunities, with a very low budget you can get something to eat. It is also a calm place to some extent.
Funke Adeoye
An average man can survive in Lagos, you mustn’t have a white collar job to make ends meet but all the money you make stays in Lagos. Transportation, accommodation are just too expensive.
– Shade Wesley Metibogun for

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