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What we love or hate about our boobs (2)

Boobs come in different shapes and sizes. Most ladies love their boobs for one reason or the other. Some because of the shape, size or firmness.

Here are reasons ladies love or hate their boobs.



Do you like your boobs?

Yes I like it.  I don’t hate anything about it. I love the way they are. Not too big, not too small, just on the average side. I also love the shape as well.

If you can change something about it what would that be?

Nothing, I love the way they are. They are perfect. If I have my way, I would make them more perfect.



No, I would have preferred a much bigger one. Probably the one on the big side.

I would do a breast implant to make them bigger and much more sexy. I just love ladies with big boobs. It attracts men to them.



No, I don’t like the shape. They are like mangoes. I usually have this feeling that the shape can easily be seen underneath my clothes.

I would change the shape. Orange like breast shape is the best. I admire women with that shape of boobs a lot.



I don’t like my boobs. They are too small, they make me look like a Tom boy. I don’t wear bra. I don’t even have one. If not for my heaps, people would think I am a boy.

I want them bigger. At least, noticeable. That would give me more confidence.



I don’t like my boobs. They are too big. They are always the centre of attraction whenever a guy is talking to me. That is why I wear a veil around my neck most times.

I wish I know a natural way of shrinking them. I wear a size 46 bra. I don’t mind going to size 32.



No, I don’t like them but I can’t complain. There are people who don’t even have one. I thank God I have, though I don’t like their shape.

Unless God can do something about it. I don’t believe in breast implant.



Yes, I  like my boobs. They are on the big side but not too big for me.

I don’t think I would like to change anything about them.



I don’t like the shape. They have fallen. I wish they can be firmer.

I would like to make them firm. Firm like a teenager’s boobs.



Yes, I do. They are perfect for my height and size.

Nothing. Okay, maybe they should be firmer.



No I don’t.  They are too big for my body size. I am a size eight and my bra size is 40. I am also smallish in stature. The boobs make me look like an overfed baby

I would either reduce my boobs or increase my stature to compliment my boobs.



I like them the way they are. My man also likes them too. The shape is perfect for him likewise the size.

I don’t think I would like to change anything about them. Unless my man wants me to.



I like the way my boobs are. I like the way they are small, I don’t really like big boobs.

I don’t think I would like to change anything. Unless I can experiment and if I don’t like what I have, I would return to what it was before.



For my boobs, they are moderate and ok, I like the size. I am not compelled to wear bra always.  I do that only when going out, that makes it firmer.

Absolutely nothing.


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