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What we love or hate about our boobs

Boobs come in different shapes and sizes. Most ladies love their boobs for one reason or the other. Some because of the shape, size or firmness.

Here are reasons ladies love or hate their boobs.



Do you like your boobs?

Yes, I love my boobs the way they are. They fit my small size and body perfectly well and I am grateful for that. A lot of ladies admire them too.

If you can change anything about them what would that be?

If I am to change anything about my breast I would make them to be firm forever that they won’t sag after child birth. I hate to see fallen breasts, it annoys me.



I love my boobs just the way they are. They are not too big and not too small. They are moderate and perfect.

I am changing nothing about it.

They are better the way they are. I’m content and comfortable.



I love my boobs. Some say they are on the big side, but I don’t agree with them. They are just okay for me. They compliment my hips so well.

I would change absolutely nothing about them. They are fearfully made by the master crafter.



I love my boobs the way they are. Especially for the fact that they are not small and not too big and they are sexy. I don’t have to buy padded bras to make it look fit in my blouse.

The only thing I would love to change about my boobs is the shape. I would have preferred them to be orange in shape.



I like my boobs. They are small but sexy. I love staring at them in a mirror. Most of my friends love its size.

I don’t think I have anything I can change there after all, it isn’t big, it’s moderate with my body shape.



I like the way my boobs are. They are orange in shape, they are moderately big and firm. My boyfriend likes them that way. They are perfect for me.



I like the way my boobs is because I have small boobs. I don’t really like big boobs.

I have small boobs though my fianceé like big boobs.

They are moderate and okay, I like the size. I’m not compelled to wear bra always. I do that only when going out and that makes it a perfect fit me.



I love my boobs the way they are portable for my stature.

When I was younger, I used to wish I had bigger boobs, but I realized it’s a lot of hard work for those that have it. I mean, some have to sleep with their bra on at night because if not, they can never be comfortable lying down.



I don’t like my boobs because of their shape. They have mango shape. They make me shy when I remove my clothes. Most especially if anybody is there staring at me.

I would like to change their shape to orange, if I have the opportunity.



I don’t like my boobs the way they are. I want them bigger, firmer and I want them in orange shape. They are like mangoes which I don’t like.

I would love to change their shape, make them a bit bigger.



I love my boobs because they are teardrop breasts, they are rounded but slightly less full at the top that makes them suited to most styles of bra. I don’t have to choose, I can wear any bra.

Nothing, they are okay the way they are.



I don’t like my breast. They are just too small. It is as if there is nothing there. I go around without bra most of the time. It is never noticeable.

I want them bigger. At least a hand full. My first relationship ended because he said I have no breast. I am shy to kick off another relationship because of the same reason.



My boobs are too full. I don’t love them at all. I have been embarrassed several times because of them. Most men I have come across want to bed me because of the size.

I would like to reduce the size a little bit.



I have big boobs. I used to love them before till guys started staring unnecessarily at me. One guy even touched it once and pleaded to date me because he wants to see them. That made me change my mind about big boobs. I also find it difficult to get well fitted dresses because of the size.

I want moderate, not too big, not too small boobs.



I don’t like the way my boobs are. They are just too small for my body size. Some guys even call me a boy because there is almost nothing there. The only boyfriend I have had loved me because of other qualities and not because of my breast.

I want them bigger. I love seeing well packed breast that are firm.


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