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What we now know about expulsion of Adedayo Adebowale Babatunde from Redeemer’s University

An Instagram user and media personality Adedayo Adebowale Babatunde also known as Mr. Macaroni, who was a final year student of the Redeemer’s University, Ede (Osun state), shared on his page recently how he was unjustly expelled from the university for posting about issues concerning the school on social media. Sharing pictures of his expulsion letter which was signed by the registrar, Mr. Macaroni painfully expressed himself in this long post.

The story has been making the rounds on social media ever since he revealed he had been expelled from the school.

In a lengthy Instagram post, he explained that he was brought before the University’s management, not long before what was supposed to be his convocation, and was told that the reason for his being summoned was the discovery of certain things he had posted on social media they believe put the university and its officials in a bad light.

Below is the post they referred to:


“2 hours with the legendary professor Wande Abimbola and I will forever cherish the memory. Unlike four years under the administration of some so-called daddy vc’s and directors of DSSD in some Universities like that, who had zero impact except for hatred, bitterness, and negativity. Yet these are the ones that parade themselves most righteous… Bloody Hypocrites!”.


“Ewo, e ye fi ‘ in loco parentis’, ko wa lo mi obe je… you don’t need to tell me you are my daddy before I see you as such, your attitude and behaviour will show that you are a father. We know the real father’s and we proudly respect them”.


” Ta lono Eke daddy? Ta lo no Alabosi daddy? who owns callous and inconsiderate daddy? who owns blackmailer daddy ?? who owns backbiter daddy ?? These ones are not even fit to be called ‘uncles’.

E gbo mi ye, Iwa lesin. No religion teaches you to be evil. Do good and make positive impact that those before and after you will be proud of. Then we will know if you deserve to be called ‘ Daddy’ “.

” I am a gentle boy ooo and I no like trouble, that is why I didn’t mention any name, but if the shoe fits in pls wear it. Na Gucci shoe” with an emoji smiling face.


Mr. Adedayo  explained to the panel that the post was in no way about the school and its officials seeing as he mentioned no names and that the post was “simply an expression on issues of life and had nothing to do with Redeemer’s University.”


After what he described as an intense session that included numerous attempts to get him to admit the post was indeed about the university, he was asked to leave. A couple of weeks later, he received an expulsion letter.


Mr. Adedayo’s on his Instagram page post where he tries to come up with a list of reasons why the school expelled him despite the fact that he did nothing wrong as he expressed his feelings saying:


“Could it be because for the first time in history my administration refuse to give the vice-chancellor and director of student affairs award on our students’ appreciation day as we reach the conclusion that they didn’t deserve it? or could it be because my administration fought passionately for student right; food, water, light scarcity? Or could it be because I stood for the rights of the students when they were falsely accused of defrauding the University… the list is endless as I am trying to help the University find a reason for her actions”.




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