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‘What we want from Buhari’ -ENTREPRENEURS (2)

Business owners have set agenda for the president-elect, General Muhammadu Buhari. Elated by his emergence as President Goodluck Jonathan’s successor, they tasked him on some of the problems facing their various sectors….


OMOLARA OREKOYA LABI, Beautiful Looks – Over the years, the ruling party took us for granted. Anything anybody could pray for at any point in time was for God to give us another president that will give us peace of mind.

I think Buhari’s victory is a result of God’s intervention for the lives of the citizens. Even if I’m not an APC supporter or a member of Buhari’s family, at least, I am glad power has been decentralized.

Second, I might not have personal encounter with Buhari but based on the information I have gathered, he’s a man of integrity. He will fight corruption in Nigeria. He is a very competent man.

Based on what APC said during their campaign that there will be opportunities for small business that will benefit the citizens, I hope they will fulfill their promises. Let him change the country, and everything, including my business will change as well.



EZE SUNDAY, Sunny Investment – I feel good for Buhari’s victory and hopefully that everything will be better in this country. Now, dollar is going back to normal and I believe before the year runs out, many sectors that were not helping the citizens will now be helpful. Chibok girls will return this year. I see a future for Nigeria with Buhari.

Every good thing that will help the growth of my business let him do it.



BANKE ADEWUNMI – It’s good that change has finally arrived the country. They said Buhari may not be corrupt how about those around and those that will work with him?

First, I will task his government on electricity and roads. If these two could be addressed as a matter of urgency, Nigeria will be good for us all. And he should make sure fuel is available 24/7 in all parts of the country. In the entertainment industry, we need strong anti-piracy law so that we can all enjoy the fruits of our labour.



LINDA IKE, Linda’s Pot – I think Buhari should continue with the revolution going on in the agriculture sector. We need to stop importing food in this country. If this is curbed the local industry would grow.


MR. LATIN – It’s great that Buhari won. In fact, it’s a thing of joy for us in Nigeria that at last, change has come to stay. As he is the next president now, Nigeria’s image abroad will be very good, especially because of his anti-corruption stance. Buhari is a man of integrity and I believe he won’t disappoint Nigerians.

In my sector which is entertainment, the main problem is piracy. I will be very happy if he can fight the battle for us. We can’t do it alone, we need a strong and firm leader like Buhari. And I pray his administration will yield the desired results for all of us.



MINA HORSFALL, Mish Concepts Ltd – I think the emergence of General Buhari is the will of God, otherwise it wouldn’t have happened. And now he’s the next president, he should have a stronger and more innovative economic team to drive the economy.

He also needs to tackle the issue of power because this is really killing business.



ANITA MPAMUGO, Mz Supreme Jewellery –I think Buhari’s victory will herald new things for this country, specifically by engendering development in every sector. I look forward to more conducive environment to thrive as a business owner. Especially for someone doing exclusive beads, you need steady power supply, stability of our currency and the economy generally, then accessibility to more clientele nationwide.

Bead making industry should thrive more, especially for someone like me that ensures I do unique creative designs for my clientele. The government should create an enabling environment for us to reach the peak and allow customer testimonies continue to make us thrive. We need good policies.


TOBI AJANLEKOKO, Sprinkles and Cocktails – I want the Buhari administration to create job opportunities for the youth, provide stable electricity supply and good roads, so that we can go about our businesses steadily.


VIVIAN UZZI, Yellow Velvet – I feel Buhari’s victory just goes to show people want change in the system. People want a system that will alleviate their present condition to a better one. My hope is that General Buhari will create a conducive environment for all Nigerians and reshape the dented image of the country locally and internationally.

For someone like me in the confectionery industry, I would love to see a government that brings steady power supply to make business less cumbersome. For Yellow Velvet, we are always working to serve our clients with the best, and I won’t want power to hinder that in anyway, because investment to generate our own power can be directed to improving service delivery.


SHEDRACK IKEDUE,  Shedico Global – The outgoing government has done its bit. Policies like Youwin and Sure-P helped. Only problem is in the past 12 months. Exchange rate has been unusually high as you already know. This really affects us because we try to not increase our selling price so as not to lose customers. That means we now make less profit. If Buhari’s government can get the economy up and running again, everything else will fall into place. Also, the issue of electricity should be tackled decisively.


FOLAKE SHOMUYIWA, Shomuyiwa Publications – I’m happy Buhari won. It’s all for good. He should do what is right, he has experience in governance. I need light and good roads, at least for now.

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