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‘What we want from Buhari’- Entrepreneurs

Business owners have set agenda for the president-elect, General Muhammadu Buhari. Elated by his emergence as President Goodluck Jonathan’s successor, they tasked him on some of the problems facing their various sectors…



Buhari’s victory is widely welcomed. I think it came with a lot of hope for positive change. It seemed people are yearning for something different from the usual, so they went for an individual that epitomizes positivity at this time. Also important to highlight is the fact that there was large acceptance, which means a lot of people are looking forward to the good things that a new government will bring.

Protection of creative work, for instance. I authored a book, Queen’s Fiction. My expectation will be that the new government ensures that no part of the book is reproduced without authorization from the author, as well as music videos produced from this studio. The creative sector needs to start reaping the fruit of their labour without any hindrance or being shortchanged. Also, government should provide basic amenities, such as power and make the naira a befitting currency.


Ayo Balogun

Ayo Balogun


I feel good and excited about Buhari’s victory. I know he is someone that dislikes corruption and this is hopefully a new Nigeria, the beginning of a new era. My industry is not left out of the issue of corruption, especially in terms of piracy. We pray Buhari’s administration will look into this to better our career.



Demola Adunola

Demola Adunola


It’s the change we have been expecting for long and it has come to stay. We all need to thank God for that. The most interesting thing about everything is that the platform that produced Buhari is different from the one that has been ruling us for about 16 years. So, I believe everything will change for the better.

The new President, come May 29, should be able to work on the power sector. If there is adequate supply of electricity in the country, all other sectors will pick up.


Precious Kalu

Precious Kalu

PRECIOUS KALU, Precious Boutique

I would want Buhari to see to the reduction of Customs import duty because what we pay is quite much. Also, bureaucracy in getting things into the country is cumbersome. The incoming administration will do well to help in these areas.



SHIRLEY IGWE, Shirlz Concepts Ltd

Shirley Igwe

Shirley Igwe

I congratulate General Muhammadu Buhari on his victory at the just concluded Presidential election. I think his administration should grow the economy and provide credit for small and medium scale enterprises. This is important because funding is key in the business sector.


CELESTINE NWANKWU, Much More Technology

I wasn’t expecting Buhari to win the presidential election. I voted Goodluck Jonathan. I think God knows why he chose him to be the president of Nigeria. I think God wants to use him to fight for our rights as the citizens of this country and also fight corruption. I want him to bring down the price of fuel. By so doing, everything will be normal. I believe when the country is changing, businesses will change also.


Lawrence Onwukwem

Lawrence Onwukwem

LAWRENCE ONWUKWEM, Lawrence & Company Ltd

The defeat of President Jonathan is victory for the private sector. We hope the business environment would be improved and corruption drastically curbed, so that funds saved could be injected into the private sector as a lifeline. We need some form of financial intervention to grow our business.


ADESOLA EDE, Cream It All Confectionary

Adesola Ede

Adesola Ede

We all wanted a change and here It is before our very eyes. I am happy that Buhari won the election but nevertheless, he should not do worse than the previous president as I expect him to do greater things.

First, he should deal with corruption and unemployment in the country. It is sad that in a country like this, there is high rate of unemployed youths. This issue must be curbed.




Buhari is a good man. He is someone that portends good potentials for us as a country, in order to take us to an enviable height. Though I don’t know him personally I love him like a father. I am very aware of his antecedents and he will put things right for this nation. So, I received the news of his victory with joy and fulfillment.

My type of business is unique. I am into sales of party clothes, club wears, dinner clothes, sexy costumes, and lingerie. In this type of sector, apart from the fact that the General can assist entrepreneurs like me develop and expand market by providing loans without interest to grow, it will also be interesting to see more people earn purchasing power to buy more.


ROMEO OKEKE, Romeo Investments

I was expecting Buhari to win the presidential election. I thank God he has won. The country needs change both at the federal and the state level.

When the country is good, everybody will benefit. When the country is developed, business men and women will benefit as well.


ATINUKE OLUWAYEMI, St. Andrews Pharmacy

It’s a new beginning for Nigerians. Our expectations are high. Although he just came out to say we should not expect miracle, but he didn’t say that when he was campaigning. Anyway, we hope for the best. We need all the social amenities that will make us grow as entrepreneurs.


IDRIS MAMUKUYOMI, Afri-Exporter Limited

For me it is a good thing, I do not hold anything against any party. I just hope he is the best candidate and he will do well during his tenure as Mr. President. So I wish him well.

The most important task ahead of him is fighting corruption and providing uninterrupted power supply. I believe if he tackles both issues well enough, Nigeria would be a better place.

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