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What we want from Buhari in 2016 (2)

– Nigerians set agenda for president

If the agenda set by Nigerians for Buhari for 2016 is to be taken seriously, then the president and his team have a lot of work on their hands.

From reviving the economy, upgrading infrastructure, to continuing the corruption fight and stabilising power – Nigerians have outlined what matters to them.


‘He should just carry on with what he’s doing’ – Pascal Agulonye

I think the work so far done by Buhari and his team has been commendable. Though truthfully, it hasn’t been smooth sailing all through especially in the very early days, I’ll say that things have picked recently. His anti-corruption fight has gathered steam months and we’re beginning to see where the government is headed economically. We’ll see more initiatives to improve internally generated revenue; that is becoming clear.

He should just carry on with what he’s doing. I’m quite confident that we’ll smile at the end of the day.


‘Buhari is indeed God-sent’ – Queency Mbamara

Buhari is indeed God-sent, his government has exposed the atrocities committed under the PDP-led government. Thankfully, some sanity is being restored. I think people fail to grasp the enormity of the work that is to be done that’s why they complain that Buhari is slow. We are talking of damages over a long period. It cannot be remedied in one day.

Having said that, this year, I think Buhari and his team should pay more attention to power. Let’s see how we can have stable power within the year, if not 100 percent. Apart from that, he should focus on upgrading infrastructure, our schools are in bad shape, so are the roads, hospitals, pretty much everything.


‘He has done well and he is still doing well’ – Olalekan Ogunremi

He has done well and he is still doing well. He should concentrate on agriculture, fuel, security, employment and good preparation for NYSC.

In the aspect of fighting corruption, he has done well and he has also tried in the Boko Haram issue. He should work on his party. PDP are more than the APC in appointments.


‘He has started the change in Nigeria’ – Mr. Olawale

It has been nice. Let us look at it from the angle of corruption, he has tried so much by fishing out the looters with the help of EFCC. He has started the change in Nigeria. Though the economy is not balanced, we can still see the change he has brought into Nigeria.

I think he should concentrate more on the economy of the country by looking into the agriculture sector properly. Nigeria is blessed with so many resources, if they are properly managed, can fetch Nigeria more money and this money can help in serving the country well.

He has done well so far. There is nothing to criticize about his government except the issue of one of his party men mentioned in the Dasuki’s case. I actually do not believe that and I want it sorted out as soon as possible.


‘I think he has done really well’ – Ayo Oluwatayo

I think he has done really well. He has influenced the economy and also the insurgency war is as good as won and it is relatively stable. What I want him to improve is the power sector.

What he did well in the last seven month is that he handled the issue with the National Assembly well.

He however, did not do very well with the financial and fiscal policy. Businesses have almost been strangled to death.


‘He’s very okay and performing well’ – Tope Famoyin

He’s very okay and  performing well. Though he has taken a little bit of time he is working. I would like him to intensify more on power, agriculture and oil sector.


‘I think he is working but I don’t quite agree with his pace’ – Esther Olufemi

I think he is working but I don’t quite agree with his pace. He seems to be wasting time. He should focus on the economy, power and security.


‘I give kudos to Buhari, especially his anti-corruption crusade’ – Debie Shoremi

I give kudos to Buhari, especially his anti-corruption crusade. I would advice he should set up a committee for the management of the recovered loot and keep fighting harder to get the rest recovered very soon so that he can have enough money to run his government.

He should be focused and disallow any form of distraction. Areas I will suggest he needs to work more are education, health, road, power, employment and rehabilitation of youths. Also security of lives and property should be worked on this year.


‘Buhari is trying his best’ – Shakiru Oludele

To me, President Muhammadu Buhari has been trying his best, and I think he should be encouraged to continue rather than criticizing him. His fight against corruption has been exposing those who looted Nigeria’s fund in the last administration.

That alone is a way forward. But that does not mean he should stop at that. He should look inward and see what else could be done to avoid relying on oil again now that oil price keeps crashing. He should also concentrate on electricity and agriculture.

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