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What we want from Buhari in 2016 (3) – Nigerians set agenda for president


If the agenda set by Nigerians for Buhari for 2016 is to be taken seriously, then the president and his team have a lot of work on their hands.

From reviving the economy, upgrading infrastructure, to continuing the corruption fight and stabilising power – Nigerians have outlined what matters to them.


‘Buhari is really trying’ – Mojisola Oyatayo

I must commend the commitment with which the anti-graft agencies are prosecuting corrupt officials. It goes to show that more than barking, they could bite all along, but we had the wrong leadership. A big thumbs up to Buhari and his team. I’d like him to continue with that.

In addition to that, I want to see how Buhari and his team can deliver without stupendous oil wealth as was previously the case. They should come up with alternative sources of revenue that’ll not be too burdensome on the people since oil is no longer lucrative.


‘He should revive the economy and stabilise power’ – Richard Osaro

I would really love Buhari to look at other areas and not completely focus on the anti-corruption campaign. I would have him focus on reviving the economy and stabilising power and pursue this with the same passion as he does with the political criminals. I think a healthy economy and power supply are hallmarks of a functioning country.

I think the expertise of Osinbajo should come in handy at this point. I believe if we get this two right, we’ve made a giant stride under this administration.


‘He is the right man for Nigeria’ – Michael Ajao

He is the right man for Nigeria. Thank God for him. Corruption in Nigeria is coming to an end. He should improve on the oil sector and fix our refineries. He should try to stabilize dollar exchange because it is affecting sales, money is not coming in and he should visit the agriculture sector.

I will recommend him to further probe those corrupt people that were involved in the Dansuki loot. He has done well about that and I hope he uses the money well in managing our economy. For what he did not do well, I am yet to hear of Boko Haram returning the Chibok girls. He should put a stop to the Boko Haram killings.


‘He deserves an award’ – Seyi Olawale

He has done well, it has been nice so far. He deserves an award for working hand in hand with EFCC to bring out those people that stole from Nigeria’s purse. I mean the Dasuki loot and those corrupt PDP members that destabilized Nigeria’s economy with their corrupt attitude.

The economy of Nigeria is not stable, but we can see change every day. So, let us be focused and allow him work. I think he should concentrate more on the power sector and agriculture, refineries, Boko Haram. He has been doing a lot and Nigeria is changing for good.


‘He’s part of the system’- Taofik Abanise

We don’t even need to tell the President what he should concentrate on this year. I believe he knows everything. He’s part of the system. He knows what he didn’t do well in seven months. So, I should also believe he knows what to do to save the country.

But I think he should find a lasting solution to electricity problem, fuel scarcity, poor infrastructure, unemployment and insecurity. If all these are attended to appropriately, we will definitely forge ahead this year.


‘He is doing very well’ – Oyekanmi Abiodun Segun

He is doing very well. He has really tackled corruption as a disciplined man and I give him thumbs up for that. He has brought the change we have all been expecting. It would be nice if he concentrates on agriculture. Nigeria is richly blessed with natural resources, but we are not making adequate use of. So, I want him to concentrate on agriculture. Also, I want him to focus on the economy. He should try as much as possible to make the economy buoyant.

Last, I want him to develop the states that are yet to improve. I reside in Ogun State and I want him to make Ogun State developed like Lagos.

For now, I cannot really say much about that. He just got into office and I think he needs more time to put things together. But he is trying.


‘He is fair in his dealings’ – Olatunji Abiodun

People are saying he is not active and he is doing things that are irrelevant. But to me, he is doing well. He has tried and he is still improving. I give him average mark. He is fair in his dealings.

I want him to concentrate on creating job opportunities because I am a victim of unemployment, so I want him to focus on job opportunities for graduates. Apart from jobs, he should create adequate security and curb Boko Haram insurgency. He should also launder Nigeria’s image globally. A lot of people are looking down on Nigeria. The economy should be improved. Dollar is critically higher than naira, he should try to level it up.

He has improved in curbing the Boko Haram madness. At least the bombing and killings have reduced. He has also been able to fight corruption. But, I think he is taking too long to make things improve. He should speed up so we can enjoy Nigeria fully.


‘Buhari is still on the right track’ – Ayo Dada

Buhari is still on the right track. He has put more round pegs in round holes. To be fair to him, some things cannot be repaired overnight. He has integrity and that’s one thing we have not seen in our rulers or looters in a long time. You can only lead by example, he’s not perfect though. There is still so much to be done.

Right now concerning mistakes, may be when I see his budget but other than that, I’ve not observed any.

Concerning what he did well, the fact that he kept his integrity intact, the choice his ministers, fight against corruption. He should grant more interviews, he should ensure that all this corruption cases are concluded and ensure that Nigerians get the best from their country because they deserve the best.


‘He has been slow but we’ve been seeing changes’ – Adenike Adesanya

He has been slow but we’ve been seeing changes even though it’s on a low scale. Some things are definitely not as they used to be. I would like him to focus on agriculture and education sectors. It would help our economy grow so well.


‘He should work on the finance sector’ – Funke Adeyemo

I’ve really not seen what he has done. We voted for change and we’ve not seen a lot of results yet. Hopefully, after the first quarter of this year, we would see the changes. He should work on the finance sector and help see how would get the Nigerian economy to bounce back.


‘He needs to pay attention to all sectors’ – Agbeniyi Solomon

He is trying his best. A lot of things have gone wrong. You can imagine the billions some stupid people embezzled. It shows that we still have a long way to go. He needs to pay attention to all sectors. A lot still need to be done in all sectors, my prayer is that God will strengthen and keep him to finish the work he started.


‘It will take time before the country will stabilize’ – Bunmi Awelewa

He is working. It will take time before the country will stabilise. Power is better is better now. The Economy needs special attention.

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