‘What we want from Buhari in the first month’-ENTREPRENEURS (3)


Nigerian entrepreneurs have tasked the President, General Muhammadu Buhari on some of the many challenges facing their business.

Here are what they want from President Goodluck Jonathan’s successor…



As an entrepreneur, I would want the new president to look into many hurdles and obstacles that frustrate businesses in this country. Chief among them are the high cost of foreign exchange and import duties,  and the bottlenecks in clearing goods at Nigerian ports. Frankly, our country has lost billions of dollars in revenue simply because most business persons now prefer to have their consignments cleared at Cotonou (Republic of Benin) ports. The new government ought to overhaul the whole customs system and management.

‎Ensure that the ports are well run and managed to the interest of businesses and the country.



First one month I’m not sure would be enough to achieve what I personally wish Mr. new President to do that would affect my sector, but then, I believe a huge step could be taken that would affect the beginning of a massive change. For me, nothing interests me right now than stabilizing the power sector. Electricity is key in the success and smooth running of every other sector actually. A drastic change in the rate of power supply in Nigeria, is what I, Biola Adebajo CEO, Evergreen Events and Evergreen Promotion asks for.



Buhari’s government is going to be totally different from the past administration. I believe change has come to stay and every sector is going to be a beneficiary of the change. But the most important thing we want him to step into as far as the entertainment industry is concerned is piracy.

We want him to help fight the menace in the first one or two months of his administration so that pirates themselves will feel the breeze of change and Buhari’s anti-corruption crusade. Then, he should resolve and probe all the people concerned as regards subsidy scandal. I believe he can do more.



First, I congratulate the new President, Muhammadu Buhari. I personally believe in his government being a man of integrity. But I will not want Nigerians to be in a haste to judge him.

He just assumed office, we should give him time to take a critical look at every sector of the economy so that he can know how to fix whatever is needed to be fixed.

As for me, there is need for total reformation of aviation industry, shipping and freight forwarding as all these are my areas of business concern. If they are fixed, I believe the country will move forward but it’s not a matter of one month.



Within the first month, I feel he has to make sure to restore security in every part of the country. From Boko Haram to Niger Delta, he should first tackle them. Also, power supply. If he can tackle these, Nigerians can take care of the rest.



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