‘What we want from Buhari in the first month’ –Entrepreneurs

Nigerian entrepreneurs have tasked the incoming President, General Muhammadu Buhari on some of the many challenges facing their business.

Here are what they want from President Goodluck Jonathan’s successor…


First, I congratulate Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (rtd) on his victory in the March 28, 2015 presidential elections. However, he shouldn’t be carried away by the victory or joy of becoming the civilian president of Nigeria after all the struggles because if care is not taken, he may not get his bearing even for the first 100 days in office. He is therefore expected to think in the direction of what the Nigerian masses are expecting from his government as soon as he assumes office. In our sector, which in entertainment, we expect him to come up with a lasting solution to piracy which has been the major problem of the industry.

Then, he should tackle the problems in the oil and power sectors so that there will be an enabling and conducive environment for our business and every other business to thrive. He’s not expected to be a magician because we all understand the fact that the whole system is in shambles already but still, he must demonstrate some signs of seriousness so that we can continue to repose our confidence in him.

We all campaigned for the change because we need it. So, we can’t wait to see and feel it.


He should look inward and find out what really the problems facing the country at the moment are and find a lasting solution to each of them. Buhari shouldn’t be parambulating in tackling such problems. We can’t afford to remain on the same spot for 16 years. First, he should look into power sector and ensure that a reasonable step is taken in the first one month.

He should also attend to the problems facing the oil sector and get to the root of all of them. Subsidy or no subsidy, Nigerians deserve to enjoy free flow of fuel, diesel and kerosene. We’re not supposed to be suffering amid plenty.

I believe if the problems facing these two sectors are sorted out, things will be better and the country will move forward. And this can start by showing us signs of seriousness within his first one month in office. As we can all see, almost all businesses are paralysed now due to lack of fuel and electricity.

We can’t continue like this, we’re all waiting and praying for May 29 to come when the type of government we all prayed and worked for will be sworn-in. My business has suffered in the last few weeks just like every other business. Everywhere is dull.

LAWRENCE ONWUKWEM, Lawrence & Company Limited

For us in business, the need for power and other critical infrastructure to be quickly addressed cannot be over emphasized. We expect President Buhari to put the machinery in place to actualize this.


I think President Buhari should ban all food importation to the country. If this is done, our economy would grow and food would be cheaper in the long run. Of course, the problem of power should also be tackled head on.


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