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What will happen in the last days your wife is going to kill you

What will happen in the last days your wife is going to kill you.

The week leading to the death of Oyelowo Oyediran (killed by Yewande Oyediran) in Ibadan and Bilyamin Mohammed Bello (allegedly murdered by Maryam Sanda) in Abuja was turbulent, full of strife and violence.
And eyewitnesses were sure tragedy lurked as they warned the husbands to stay away from their matrimonial homes.
Many could predict that both would eventually be killed.
And from their narration, it’s now easy to piece together what will likely happen in the last days a wife would strike.

Here are some activities likely to occur in an ill-fated union in the last week as compiled by

1. No food for the husband or meals grudgingly served

2. No sex

3. Unkempt house or damages household items

4. Wife sleeps in another room

5. Avoids being at home

6. Says she will start cheating

7. Threatens to kill you

8. Actually injures you with a dangerous object after episodes of rage

9. Refuses to listen to peacemakers, abuses them and threatens to harm them or actually injures them.

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