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What will happen to Senator Isiaka Adeleke’s 50 campaign vehicles?

The death of famous and influential politician, Senator Isiaka Adeleke, better known as Serubawon, still remains on the lips of many across the country and beyond, especially members of his political party, the All Progressive Congress (APC), the people of Ede, his home town and Osun indigenes.

However, the  subject of discourse at the moment is the late politician’s political dream which has been cut short by his sudden death on Sunday, April 23, 2017. Serubawon, gathered, acquired about 50 branded vehicles sometime in December 2016 with a view to boosting his November 2018 governorship ambition. The automobiles branded Serubawon for Governor, 2018, we were told, were distributed to his supporters across the state while more of such vehicles were still being expected to be delivered before the end of this year.
This, we learnt, was one of the reasons the die-hard supporters of the late Ede, Osun born politician went hay wire in their protest, accusing some party leaders of conspiring to kill their benefactor.
“Serubawon will never be governor again. He is gone, and he is gone forever. There can’t be another Serubawon in Osun state and Nigeria as a whole. It’s painful he didnt live to see 2018 he was preparing for. He wanted to come back as governor of Osun state, but now death has proved him wrong,” a close source revealed.
What will happen to his 50 campaign vehicles?

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