What will make you beat your wife (2)

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I don’t think I can beat a woman. I was brought up in a family of four girls. I am the last born. They showed me love and pampered me. I grew up to respect and adore women. Even as a married man, they still treat me like a last born. I believe if you treat a woman right, you will enjoy her. My wife is always jealous of me and my sisters. But they treat her well too.



I wouldn’t want to beat my wife, but if I should beat her, she must have done something that really hurt me but I don’t see myself beating her because I will have the pain in my heart forever.



I don’t think I can ever beat my wife because I have learnt a lot from her. For example, my wife nags and shouts a lot. Anytime we argue, she keeps shouting and sometimes I feel like hitting her but all I do is walk away.

So, if other men in this situation can do this, there won’t be domestic violence.



I cannot say what will make me beat my wife. Maybe she insults my mom or calls me names that even my parents have never called me, then I can just slap her so that she would know the gravity of the word she used.



There is nothing that can make me beat my wife because it is an abomination for a man to raise his hand against his wife. The Bible condemns it.



I can never ever beat my wife and I keep praying it never happens because there was a time we had serious issues and I slapped her. When I was in a relaxed mood, I regretted my action for months and I am still regretting it because that is what led to our separation.

So, I keep advising my friends whenever they complain about their spouses, I tell them to endure because you will definitely end up regretting your action.



I have never thought of beating my wife and I don’t think she can do anything that would make me beat her. Only animals and illiterates beat their wives. It is a decision I took that I want to marry her and I also made the vow in God’s presence so, it will be stupidity cowardice for me to beat my wife. I can never do it.



I can never beat my wife though women of nowadays are very stubborn. They want to be in control of the home. They feel they can do what men are doing but that is no excuse for me to beat my wife, no matter what she may have done.



I cannot beat my wife. I have never done it and I don’t wish to do it. Even if we have a very serious argument, I can’t even walk away because I can walk into cheating on my wife. I could start drinking or I could do something that I will regret for the rest of my life. So, I will rather leave her and allow the whole issue to be calm then we talk about it like matured adults.



Women of nowadays are worse than women of old. I have a terrible wife. When we were courting, she was heaven on earth but when we got married and she took in, that was when the nagging, shouting and complaining started. I thought it was the pregnancy but after putting to bed, it still continued.

I don’t beat her even though I am always tempted to but I report her to her parents, still no change. I hope God keeps us together and change her attitude. I don’t want to divorce her because of my children.



What can my wife do that will make me beat her. Maybe if she maltreats my mom. And I don’t think she can do that. She is very close to my mom. In fact, closer than I do to her. I don’t regard a man who beats his wife as responsible. It is better to ignore them than to be moved to beating them.



Why will I beat her? Women are weaker vessels. Just know how to deal with them. There are different ways of dealing with a woman. She may sustain injury or even die if you beat her in annoyance.



I have beaten her once and I promised not to do it again. She too has not repeated the reason I beat her since that time.  But it is not a good thing to do. I blamed myself for doing it.



Women should be beaten once a while. How would she respect you if you don’t teach her a lesson once a while. I have beaten my wife before. She was disrespectful while my friends were around and I made sure I dealt with her in their presence. I had to prove that I am the head of the family.

There is nothing my wife can do that will make me beat her. Nothing, I tell her jokingly that I married her with her weaknesses, so any time she is displaying haughtiness, I accept it as my cross. She wouldn’t kill me nor my children that is the only thing that can make me to do more than beating her.



I don’t think I can beat my wife. Not because I don’t feel like at times but I witnessed a scenario that made me respect myself. One of our neighbours was beaten by his wife.  This is a woman that you will underrate on a good day that she cannot do such. I was taken aback when I witnessed it. In fact, that man couldn’t go to work for three days. No circumstance will make me go beyond my boundary. I rather endure than to suffer disgrace.



I agree that a woman can push her man to the wall. That shouldn’t make her a punching bag. Just leave her and let things calm down.  Or better still, leave that place so that you will not be tempted.



There is nothing my wife will do that will make me beat her. Beating her means I am beating myself. I forgive easily and let go easily too. Marriage is about respecting each other. We understand that and try to live amicably. We have also learnt to apologize to each other.



Marriage is about mutual respect. I have one principle, follow peace with all men. I have learnt to apologize even if she is at fault.  I guess that has been working for us. I don’t see myself beating my wife.


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