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What would you do if your child was gay?

As most Nigerians across race, gender and religion totally reject gay, ENCOMIUM Weekly asked parents what they would do if they discover that their child is a lesbian or homosexual.


I can’t stand it. I would take such child for spiritual deliverance. The devil is looking for whom to devour and he is already in our midst. We need to resist him with prayers and fasting. Anybody who engages in same sex relationship needs serious deliverance.


That should be the worst that could happen to any of my children. However, they are not because I monitor their behaviour and the kind of company they keep. If it happens, I would pray for such child that God should touch his heart and change him.


Definitely, I will feel bad, very bad and disappointed in such a child. I will beat the hell out of such a child. I will take such a child to church to cast the devil out of him.


I will not be happy at all. I will take such a child to a strong church for deliverance and if he resists, I will disown him.


I don’t even think any of my children can be gay. It’s not possible. But if such a thing happens, I will do everything to get out the evil in such a child. A lot of young boys and girls get into the act through peer influence. And by the time they are used to it, they find it difficult to get out of the evil act.

It’s sad that such a thing is happening in Nigeria where we claim to be religious.


If I discover that the child I have been labouring for all these years is now gay, I won’t feel happy about it. I know something bad has taken over his or her life. What such a child needs at that moment is not condemnation but deliverance.

I am even sure, none of my children can ever be gay. God forbid.


You ENCOMIUM people like asking funny questions. God forbid that my child will ever tell me he is gay. Where will he say he got it from? I will take him to my pastor for deliverance. It is only the devil that can put such a thought in someone’s mind. It takes the spirit of God to take it away.


I will feel very bad. In fact, I will make it my duty to convince such a child to abolish such an idea. If any of my children says he or she is gay, I will publicly disown the child. Gay is not African and I’m a proud African.


I will feel very terrible about it because I don’t expect any of my children to engage in such a devilish act. Without wasting time at all, I would seek spiritual help.


That is the worst news a parent would ever want to hear. I would feel really bad if I discover my child is into such terrible acts. I would take him for spiritual help and psychological evaluation.


I don’t support gays because it is against the Bible. What should a man be looking for in a fellow man’s body? Are there no more men when women go for women? The anti-gay law must be commended.


I’m in support of the controversial anti-gay law. It is even against nature to be homosexual.

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