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Cast away lost at sea for 13 months released from hospital

Jose Salvador Alvarenga, the cast away lost at sea for 13 months, is now at a hotel in Majuro (Marshall Islands).

After his story which prompted fascination and criticism broke in the media, he was hospitalized and discharged.  But concerns about his health led to re-admission.

France destroys £3.9 million elephant tusks

Elephant tusks, banned by Europe and most of the civilized world, were destroyed by French authority.

The three-ton tusks, confiscated over 20 years, were destroyed at Eiffel Tower, Paris (France) to tell poachers and traffickers that the game is up.

A kilogramme of ivory is about £1,300 –and the destroyed tusks was put at £3.9 million (N1 billion).

10 skills your children should learn now!

Nick Curtis, a columnist in Evening Standard has come up with 10 skills parents should ensure their children learn if they’re to cope well in future.

  1. Basic economics
  2. The cost-to-benefit ratio
  3. Map reading skills
  4. How to change the battery in an electric car and maintain a bicycle
  5. How the body degenerates over time
  6. How to speak Mandarin
  7. How to get by in other languages
  8. Sex education
  9. How to play portable musical instrument
  10. How to say no.

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