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Victoria beckham
The Beckhams

The Beckhams









Victoria Beckham’s new collection unveiled at New York Fashion Week to rousing applause

Victoria Beckham is garnering praises, across the world as she unveiled her new collection on Friday, February 9, 2014, at New York Fashion Week.

With her husband, soccer legend David Beckham on the front row, Victoria managed a smile as she strut on the runway to take a bow.

Stephen Brookes

Stephen Brookes

Isaac Richardson

Isaac Richardson









Neknomination claims first British victims

Isaac Richardson, 20, and Stephen Brookes, 29, are the first British victims of Neknomination, a dare-devil game where nominees drown lethal alcohol while performing stunts while at the same time recording it for upload on social media.

Richardson drank a concoction of wine, whisky, vodka, and lager on Saturday, while Brookes gulped a pint of vodka then fell ill and died the second day.

Neknomination craze which originated in Australia is claiming lives of young people – and millions are becoming worried.


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