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What’s trending today (Saturday, February 8, 2014)

With N2.7 million you can get a perfect smile in one day

Your crooked and stained teeth can be fixed in one day, if you can part with £10,000 (N2.7 million)!

The new treatment uses high-tech machine to create veneers in seven minutes –and many foreigners are flying into London, the United Kingdom to get the perfect smile in one day.

A London practice, Elleven launched the treatment to the cheer of thousands.

Cosmetic dentist, Dr. Julian Caplar is partnering Elleven to bring the wonder treatment to whoever can afford it.

Students prove that you can live on supermarket garbage!

Many students in the United Kingdom, outraged about the amount of food wasted by supermarkets, have proven that you can live comfortably by ‘skip diving’ from their bins.

In several experiments, it was shown that you could get good and unspoiled food items worth £50 (N13,000) every week from supermarket bins.

From meats, ready meals, fruit and even fresh roses, you will be spoilt for choice at what’s available in bins.

One of the campaigners said he lived off one shop’s bin for six months, taking food worth £890 (N240,000)!

Cleared soap star may face fresh sex abuse charges

The police in Lancashire, in the United Kingdom, are looking into fresh claims of sexual abuse against Coronation Street star, William Roache.

The 81 year-old soap star who was freed earlier in the week from sexual assault charges, faces fresh anguish as more women are coming up with tales of abuses.

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