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What’s trending today (Thursday, February 6, 2014)

Actor admits lying about Bill Clinton and Liz Hurley romance

The actor who spread the tale that he introduced former President of United States of America Bill Clinton, 67, and socialite and supermodel Liz Hurley, 48, has admitted that he cooked it all up during one of his drug binges.

Tom Sizemore, 53, who dated Hurley at the time recorded his ranting about the purported romance on tape –but now claims he was high on drugs and just fibbing.

Hurley had denied the one year romance yesterday, and threatened to sue those perpetrating it.

Shamed policeman gets £430,000 (N116 million) payout

The policeman who was the subject of derision after attacking a Range Rover in 2009 with a truncheon has won a £430,000 (N116 million) pay out.

The video of the attack  was a hit on the internet with 30 million views.  And PC Mike Bailon (47) claimed he was ridiculed and eventually left the police because of the jeers and derision.  He sued – and he’s now rewarded with £430,000.

The two-minute video exhibited the attack on the Range Rover of Robert Wheatley, 74, a retiree who had suffered stroke.  He got £20,000 (N5.4 million) for his vehicle’s damage.

People forget pretty faces, and remember ugly people, scientists claim

University of Jena, Germany scientists have released a study claiming that unattractive people are more recognizable and remembered than pretty ones.

The researchers (Holger Wiese, Caroline Altmann and Stefan Schweinberger) displayed pictures to a group of people, and came to the conclusion that those who are stunning with distinctive features are easily remembered alongside those that are ugly.

But attractive people with regular features are not memorable!

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