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The letterTwins re-unite 27 years after separation via YouTube

Samantha and Anais were born in 1987, separated at birth, adopted and lived in different continents without knowing about each other till a chance encounter on YouTube!

Friends who saw Samantha on YouTube drew Anais’ attention to it because of the uncanny resemblance.

And after getting in touch, and checking a few facts, discovered that they were twins!

How to spot your lair friends easily

Just tell your friends to draw the letter ‘Q’ on their forehead, and you can easily tell whether they lie easily.

Those who trace the tail of the Q on the left of their forehand are experts at manipulation, aware of how they are perceived and are good lairs.

And those whose tail are on the right are introverts and not good at lying.

Celebrity psychologist and magician Richard Wiseman came up with this new method of finding out lairs quickly.

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