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 Gunmen ransack hospital in Brazil, steal phones and money

Patients and staff at a Rio de Janeiro, Brazil hospital were held at gun point by thieves who stole phones and money, subjecting them to shock and misery.

The Monday night raid at Hospital Norte D’Or affected about two dozen victims. But no one was injured.

Barack Obama’s brother releases autobiography describing him as “very cold sometimes”

Mark Obama Nsesandjo, the half brother of President of the United States of America, Barack Obama is releasing an autobiography detailing intimate details of the world’s most powerful man.
A video of their meeting after a 20 year separation was released showing an awkward embrace between the brothers.

The book, Culture: My Odyssey of Self Discovery, is being promoted.

Liz Hurley denies romance with Bill Clinton

Forty eight year old Liz Hurley has denied ever dating former United States of America President Bill Clinton,67.

And she’s threatening legal action over the spurious reports. She described the repot as ‘ludicrously silly stories.’

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