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Agony aunt attacked over comment on drunk women at risk of being raped

Cosmopolitan’s Agony Aunt Irma Kurtz has warned women who get drunk in the midst of men as being at high risk of being raped.

Calling rape “an assault with a weapon,” the respected columnist who’s 78, on BBC Radio 4, maintained that drunkenness tear away self defense of women.


Syrian refugees welcome in Britain

Victims of Syrian civil war will be accommodated as refugees in Britain in a deal brokered yesterday.

Women, children, the elderly, survivors of torture and people with disabilities will be considered first, Nick Clegg (Deputy Prime Minister) announced.


Scotland Yard officers in Portugal over missing Madeline McCann

Hope of finding abductors of Madeline McCann who went missing in Portugal seven years ago came alive when officers from Scotland Yard met with their Portuguese counterparts yesterday.

The four officers want to interview three burglars who were close to the holiday apartment where the three year old vanished from.


Obama announces year of action in State of the Union address

President Barack Obama, in the State of the Union address, threatened to go ahead with policies advancing the lives of Americans even without the support of the Congress.

The President of the United States of America announced over a dozen initiatives –including new $10.10 minimum wage for federal contract workers, mobilizing stakeholders to create apprenticeship, $100m to redesign high schools, among others.


Not wearing bra better for women

French researchers have come to the conclusion that going bra-less may actually be better for women’s breasts!

And wearing bra doesn’t prevent sagging or relieve back pain at all.

Researchers at the University of Besancon, over a 15-year period, discovered that not wearing a bra increases the strength of the breasts muscles, which makes them sag less over time.

Prof. Rouillon who led the study said, “The decision not to wear a bra appeals to women in terms of comfort and aesthetics.  Contrary to popular belief, the breast does not fall, but tightens and lifts, and the quality of the skin improves.”


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