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WhatsApp takes over, BBM no longer fashionable

For many social media users in Nigeria, WhatsApp has become the standard and preferred way to connect with friends and family. Though there are many other pervasive innovations like BBM, Facebook, Google talk, Hangout and many more, WhatsApp users are expanding on a daily basis. Many feel it’s saver to use compared to others because it’s set up with Phone numbers which means you don’t have to mess around with password which is the reason a lot of people, especially the old don’t have access to their social media accounts anymore. sought the opinion of the public on their preferred chatting application.

In the chat, we placed BBM and WhatsApp head-to-head to figure out which comes out on top. Many opted for WhatsApp as they believe it’s easier to setup and charges less compared to BBM and others.


Favour Bassey

I prefer WhatsApp any day any time. It’s very easy to use and you can run WhatsApp just by verifying your phone number unlike BBM where you must set up a blackberry account and even do exchange of pin before use. Also, WhatsApp consumes less data compared to BBM. I use MTN for my WhatsApp and the monthly subscription is just N65.


Fola Asiwaju

WhatsApp is great for now. I prefer it over others but soon, WhatsApp will no longer be in vogue as more innovations are coming on a daily basis. For now, it’s still the best.



WhatsApp is cheap and easier. There’s recession in Nigeria, I can’t afford to subscribe huge amount of money to reach people but I can use WhatsApp for a month with just N65. So WhatsApp is better and reliable compared to BBM.


Adekunle Adebowale

I used to love BBM but now, WhatsApp is the best anybody can use on a low data. I no longer use BBM on my phone, I didn’t even set it up not to talk of using it. Whatsapp is more reliable i must tell you.


Akintola Tayo

WhatsApp all the way. I don’t use BBM anymore.


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