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When to forget fashion –and sharpen your taste for timeless and elegant pieces

Segun Osoba

Timi Alaibe



When you are young and impressionable, easily swayed by peer pressure and have no visible means of livelihood, you can be a slave of fashion, follow trends and enjoy whatever is in vogue.

Oba OtudekoWhen your list of generous uncles and aunts is long and inexhaustible, and your friends are only interested in the next rendezvous and escapade, you can get away with adorning popular pieces.  In fact, your image is dependent on how fashionable you are.

But as soon as you leave school, get the job you enjoy, and you are fast settling down, you must begin to acquire taste for refined and timeless attires.  Once you begin to think seriously about your future and where you would like to be in maybe five years, jettison fads and trends, and start concentrating on enduring garbs that define your style.

Once you have a career, two years into a regular job, in your mid-twenties, you should start to study ‘sumptuous elegance’ and ‘inconspicuous subtlety’ in matters of clothes and lifestyle.

You should brood more about classic pieces, in clothes and accessories, and study masters of the craft as much as you can.

DSC_0067You should read more magazines devoted to gentlemen’s lifestyle, and buy books on refinement.

You should know about European and American craftsmen and icons.  And be at home with Nigeria’s guardians of style.

It takes a long time to be adept at elegance and sophistication – and starting in your mid-20s, gives you an edge.  In a matter of years, you will be at home with leaders of soigné.

And as your fortunes improve, you can sharpen your taste.

Don’t forget, the pinnacle of refinement is in timeless elegance…

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