When you discover your fiancé has a baby mama – ladies talk about heart breaks

Infidelity is one of the many troubles that have set prospective partners apart. While some enjoy the game, others detest it with passion. sampled opinions of ladies who are into serious relationship on, “what will you do if your fiance of over 5 years, is just telling you he had a child 2 years ago with another lady, but he confesses he still loves you?”

Maryjane Ukaegbu
Getting the news at first will be a shock but I will continue dating him. He telling me the truth means he still wants the relationship and with love, we will conquer. I can’t leave my 5 years relationship for someone who just entered 2 years ago.
Glory Nmeje
Critical question! Any way, for me I will not take it. That means he has been cheating on me and still pretends he loves me
 Seriously, I will not. Assuming he had the child before we met, no problems.
Chidimma Obasi
I can continue the relationship only if am sure the child’s mum won’t come back because I understand it was actually a mistake and we are all bound to make mistakes.
Kemi Ayodele
I can still go ahead with the relationship if he still loves me but my 100 percent trust for him will diminish. And I will never hold him in high esteem anymore because if he can hide such from me for 2 years that means he also has other plans which I don’t know of.
Khadijat Faruk
I will accept the child and take care of him as my own but if he still wants the child’s mother, no problem. After our wedding she can pack in with us. That’s if I truly love him and still wants to maintain the relationship.
Maryann Babatunde
I will never take it because that’s infidelity of the highest order. How can somebody who l am about getting married to play such a prank on me? After hearing the news, I will just quit the relationship and we will just go our separate ways.
Lydia Ogbonna
Personally, I will not take it! The relationship will end immediately I get the news because I can not be faithful to you and you cheat on me to the extend of having a child somewhere else with someone. That’s uncalled for and I pray it should never happen to me.
Florence Bamidele
The news at first will be a shock but after sometime I will accept the situation and acknowledge him for telling me the truth and never wanting me to hear from someone else’s mouth. I will then inquire from him to know what the lady is up to before deciding my fate.
Melody Esi
I will still continue with the relationship because he telling me the truth in the first place means it was a mistake and if he is bringing the child to our home after our wedding I will accept and cuddle the baby but what I will never tolerate is bringing the lady home as a second wife.
Esther Abiodun
I will never continue with that relationship especially when I know am faithful. That means he has been cheating on me for a long time and I didn’t know and assuming it didn’t result to having a child maybe he will continue the affair with the lady without my consent until he finally bring the lady into our matrimonial home after our wedding. I can’t take it if I find out.
Ndidi Amaka
I can continue with the relationship if I didn’t hear or find out myself. Since he told me himself that means he still wants the relationship with me intact. I will actually understand with him and take it as a mistake just as he had said and accept him and will would continue our journey. I will not just start reacting like that, it doesn’t show you are matured.
Lilian Benjamin
As a matter of fact I will never and I can never take it. I can’t share my man with someone else. I will definitely quit the relationship the next minute after the news because I can not be playing the fool here. How on earth will he cheat on me to that extend of having a child without my knowledge for 2 years? I mean that’s bad and I can’t take it.
– Chika Okorie for

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