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When you should start a family

 It is a common belief that a woman should start a family once she is ripe for marriage. And marriageable age has been pegged at 23 years.

Those spoke with listed 20 and above for ladies, and from 27 for men…


Mrs Funmi

These days as early as 12 years, though that is an abnormal situation. In normal circumstances, once a lady finishes her education, she is matured to settle down. So I will say a lady should start having children from age 20. As for the man, once he is matured and can cater for his baby and baby mama. At least, from age 28. He should be responsible enough to be a father.


Mrs Akintola Bisi

He should be matured, have a job. So any time from age 25 or late 20’s. It is better for a lady to be matured and she should start childbearing early enough. At least, she should be in her mid 20’s.


Manuel Mabuchukwu

He should be matured, have a job. So any time from age 20 or mid 20’s. It is better for a lady to be matured and she should start childbearing early enough. At least, she should be in her mid 20’s.


Mrs Grace Abraham

For a woman, it is 24 years. Once she finishes schooling, she will be matured to settle down and start having children. A man should be like 27 years. Once he has money to cater for his wife and child, he should go ahead. It is money that will keep that marriage.


Mr Oke Idowu

It depends on a lot of factors. Early marriage, money and the likes. But the best time a woman should start having children is her early 20’s. By the time she is 35 years, she should have forgotten about childbearing. A man should not rush to have children because it is a lot of responsibilities. He must have a job and must be matured to be a father. Maybe when he is 27 and above.


Mrs. Kemi Damisi

As for a woman, she must be matured. Not just physically, emotionally and other wise. If not, a girl of 16 years can have a baby. The best age is from 23 years. She would be ready to accept responsibility as well.

The guy must have a source of income and be ready to be a father. Once he is 28 years and above, he should be ready.


Mr Albert Oguche

A lady should get married on time. It is best to have children when she is in her early 20’s, 22- 30. I don’t buy the idea of late childbearing. It has a lot of health risks and complications.

A man can start having children at any age but it is good he too starts early. Once he is 26 years, what is he waiting for?


Mr. Aderemi Abede

Early marriage is good. Once you marry early, what is stopping you from having children early too. From 23 years. Most ladies finish schooling from age 21 now. Two years after school, settle down and have your


A man should be matured enough to house a woman and take care of her.

Maybe when he is age 27, he should start his family.


Mr. Niyi Jide

I had a classmate back then who started having children when we were in secondary school. Now his first child is in her 20’s ready to get married. Before he is 40, my friend would be a grandfather. That maybe an abnormal situation but looking at it, it is good for him. My own first child is still four years.

So the earlier the better both for the lady and the man.

Early 20’s for ladies, mid 20’s for men.


Mrs Adetona Diti

My first daughter married when she was 23. By her 24th birthday she had her first child.

I am proud to tell you that I am a great grandma today. Though I married earlier than she did, I  am just 65 years old. The earlier the better.

Even for a man, he should marry once he is 25 years.


Mrs. Akintola Bisi

I believe childbearing should start after marriage. A man should settle down when he is 29 years. By 30, he should be a father.

A lady should get married when she is 26 years and settle down to having children from that age.


– Shade Wesley Metibogun for 



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