Where Jonathan failed and what Buhari must do

As the Buhari presidency is being inaugurated, we asked Nigerians where out-going President Jonathan failed in his five-year rule. Some also advised the in-coming president, General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd).

‘Jonathan has failed us totally’ – LAWRENCE ONUZULIKE

I campaigned so hard for Jonathan and I somehow got my friends and fans to vote for him but it is with a heavy heart that I say that he disappointed us woefully. He totally failed everywhere. It’s even more wearisome that few days to handing over fuel scarcity still persists, power supply in limbo, cost of food and transportation sky rocketing. Is this how the president wants to be remembered in his last days in office?

I can’t think of a foundation Jonathan laid that Buhari should continue on. Nigeria is currently at its lowest. Buhari has a lot to do.

‘Buhari should fight corruption seriously’ – NWACHUKWU EMIOMA

As for ex-President Goodluck, pardon the use of the word, not just because I am in for change but because in no distant time, he would have handed over, his administration was full of loopholes. I will hold on to the issue of corruption and industrialization. Corruption is the power house, the bedrock of all the issues bringing down the economic progress of Nigeria.

When people at the helms of power fail to implement projects which they are awarded millions of dollars for, it definitely won’t bring about industrialization which channels down to employment and economic growth. Part of these supposed implementation, citizenry and industries are supposed to benefit directly or indirectly from.

Putting General Mohammed Buhari’s past antecedents to the forefront, we know he could stay all time in the administration erasing corruption to the level that it could be considered non-existent. If he succeeds in fighting corruption, all will function effectively and we will have a thriving economy. The level of crime in this country is as a result of unemployment which has led the youths to engage in such acts as they have lost faith and hope in themselves and the government which is supposed to have the interest of her citizenry as top most priority.

‘I don’t have any advice for someone who came to power…’ – MR. TONY NWANKWU

I would say, he surrounded himself with his enemies and that brought his downfall. I would be deceiving whoever to say he didn’t do well, he only tried to be democratic but the north as in 1904 are not yet ready to share power with the south. I would say insecurity or Boko Haram, Jonathan was still trying to fix. I don’t have any advice for someone who came to power through manipulation.

‘He tried his best’ – MR. JUSTICE UCHE

In terms of education, he has tried. Also in controlling crises that is going in country. Generally, Jonathan’s regime and he knows the areas he didn’t do well, so he should try and fill in the gap.

‘Jonathan needed to do more in the area of job creation and power’ – SOMTOCHUKWU UCHENDU

I think Jonathan needed to do more in the area of job creation and power. General has got a lot to do in these critical areas.

‘I don’t have any advice for him’ – MR. JOSEPH APEZZE

If Jonathan had done well, he would have returned to power. Simple. Look around, you ask yourself, if this country is in good shape. I don’t have any advice for him. He has been trying to be president four times, so he knows what to do. But like a typical Nigerian, I will simple advice he fixes security, light and create more job.

‘History will not forgive Jonathan for encouraging corruption’ – HENRY CHUKWUMA

History will not forgive Jonathan for encouraging corruption. He also failed in the area of managing the economy as well as not reforming the power sector.

President Buhari should have zero tolerance for corruption. He should also assemble a formidable team to run the economy and address our general deficit in infrastructure.

‘President Jonathan tried his best’ – GLORIA NWAGBARA

President Jonathan tried his best. But I don’t think he handled the power sector well. He also borrowed more than his predecessors and presided over a very disturbing economy.

Buhari shouldn’t follow Jonathan. He has to create real jobs through the private sector to revive the economy. There is also the need to review the operation of the Power Distribution Companies (DISCOs).

‘Jonathan’s laughing at us’ -BODE ONAGURUWA

I blame it on Jonathan. He’s not happy we voted him out. I’m sure Buhari would restore fuel supply upon his assumption of office on Friday, May 29.

The fuel tanker drivers and greedy oil marketers should be in jail elsewhere for economic sabotage.


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