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Where to safely keep smart phones

Inconclusive researches show that putting smart phones close to the body is bad as the radiation emitted that could lead to terminal aliments.

But many Nigerians ignore the worrisome studies. 

We spoke with Nigerians on where they keep their smart phones and why and also included the response of a medical expert on the best place to keep smart phones…


Tola Talari

Breast pocket is better because of radiation. If you put it in your side pocket, it can affect the private part. It is better off in the breast pocket for men. That is the reason I use less china phones, I believe the effect would be less really.


John Shonubi

I put my phone in my right pocket, that is the only convenient place for me. I have never given the issue of radiation a thought. I just feel it is handy to put it in my right pocket, that is why.


Bayo Arole

I put it mostly in my hands, most times I go about with my car or they are in the car while I drive. And when I am leaving the car, I hold them in my hands and eventually keep them on my table when I am seated. They will be on my table till I am ready to go out again. Even if I am moving without my car, they would be in my hands while my wallet would be in my pocket.


Opeyemi Kareem

I put them either in my bag or in my hand. I do that because of safety purposes. I have never thought of radiation. I know a lot has been said about phones emitting radiation, I ensure I don’t put it close to my body except for my hands.


Nkechi Nnadi 

I put it mostly in my bag. As a Lady, it is save in there. I can be very careless if I put it anywhere else, I can misplace it. I have never thought of the medical implications.


Zainab Aminat

I put it in my wallet or I hold it. I don’t put it in my breast pocket because of breast cancer. I also consider the safety of the phone, I also put it in my wallet because it will be easier to pick my calls there.


Esther Joshua

I put it in my right pocket sometimes when I am expecting a call or I feel it is not save where ever it might be. I feel the best place is in my pocket. I don’t even give medical reasons a thought when I am doing that.


Kayode Ajibade.

I put my phone in my pocket and in my hand. I have two, I put the most expensive one in my pocket and the other one in my hand. I think they are the safest place to put them.


Dr Ayoola

There are many schools of thought to where one can keep smart phones. One thing is sure, they remit radiation but there is no particular place to keep cell phones. Wherever you put it, just make sure it is done in moderation, don’t overdo it. If you are receiving calls, it shouldn’t be too long. If you are keeping it close to your body, it shouldn’t be too long. If receiving a call for long, use hands free.


– Shade Wesley Metibogun for 


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