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Who is this Sadiq Daba?

Abubakar Sadiq Daba is a veteran actor, producer and director who has spent about 40 years of his life behind and in front of the camera.
From news reading to acting, his sterling career has been crowned with awards and recognition.
Here are some milestones in his life as compiled by ENCOMIUM Weekly:

1. Originally from Kano, he grew up in Sierra Leone where he attended St. Edwards Secondary School.
He enjoyed listening to the radio and mimicked the leading broadcasters then. His father bought him a tape recorder which he used in honing his skills.

2. He returned to Nigeria in 1968, and on a trip to Kaduna Khalifa Baba Ahmed was impressed by his voice at Hamdallah Hotel and introduced him to Radio Television Kaduna.
He started there as a continuity announcer.

3. From Kaduna to Jos and more, he served at Nigeria Television Authority for 35 years.
He read the news, reported, acted, produced and directed.

4. Some of his popular series and movies are Cock Crow at Dawn, Behind the Clouds, Ripples, Village Headmaster, Moment of Truth, October 1…
Many still have fond memories of Bitrus, his role in Cock Crow at Dawn.

5. Still married to Bolaji Daba whom he met in Jos, he has six children and six grandchildren.

6. His Best Actor award in 2015 Africa Movie Academy Awards for his role as Inspector Waziri in October 1 gives him enormous joy.



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