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Who is your preferred candidate for 2019 presidential election?

Meanwhile, carried out an opinion poll to find out from Nigerians their preferred presidential candidate for the 2019 election…


Engr. Seye

I will want Yemi Osinbajo to emerge the next president of Nigeria. My wish for him is that he should just contest, we are solidly behind him. The northern cabal should not hijack his ambitions because he has all that it takes.


Chikaodi Ofielu

I don’t have any person in mind yet because I want a neutral person. I don’t just want to vote for the two ruling parties anymore. We want somebody that could represent us better.


Tolulope Aliu

I want Buhari to continue. This is because he is an honest person. Though his health is failing him, that’s the brain Nigerians don’t know about him. Buhari is honest, he is not corrupt. We will definitely retain him in power.


Jeffrey Nnamdi

I would prefer the Sokoto state governor, Tambuwal. I have heard a lot of things about him. I think we should just give him a trial and avoid all these recycling of a thing.


Wasiu Nurudeen

I want Buhari to continue as the president, he has known his flaws and I believe he will learn from his mistakes and Nigeria will become better as we have hoped and wished for.


Folake Adeyemi

The devil we know is far better than the angel we don’t know. I support Buhari in 2019 presidential election. He is a man of integrity but many people don’t know. They are just looking at his weaknesses, those things do not really matter. He is a great man.


Esther Radio

I think Atiku should be allowed to occupy that seat, he is a disciplined man and well equipped with the norms governing this country. He should be voted to power, I believe he can do well.


Bola Adeleke

We should give Ayodele Fayose a trial. He has Nigeria at heart. Since he is big-mouthed person, let’s see how he will carry Nigeria along. He claims every leader is corrupt, let’s see his own version of honesty.


Badmus Akin

Saraki is a gentleman, I believe he has held a similar position and he can equally be accounted for in that respect. He should be given a trial if he has interest in contesting for the presidential election come 2019.


Mr. Joseph

I think I would want the vice president to be the next president. This is because Yemi Osinbajo is responsible. I believe he can keep up the good work he is known for. He has the courage, he is been tested and trusted.


– Chika Okorie for


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