‘Why Afrisphere magazine is unique’ – ABDULLAHI ABORODE, Publisher

A new publication has berthed.  It is called Afrisphere Magazine, an initiative of Abdullahi Aborode.  The colourful publication already in circulation is designed to project and promote African customs and heritage to the world.  The publisher, who is a student of Engineering at Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, Scotland told ENCOMIUM Weekly that his passion for writing spurred him to publishing.

What inspired Afrisphere Magazine?

I have had the opportunity of being outside Nigeria and I know how they feel about Africans.  I just decided to do something original about Africa, what is not common.  I read other magazines abroad, they talk about so many things about Europeans and Americas.  None of them celebrates Africans.   So I decided to celebrate Africans in the entertainment, politics, sports, fashion scene.

Did you study the terrain very well before you started?

Yes, I have a very good team.  I spoke to so many people about what I intended to do and they encouraged me to go ahead.  I got a very good feedback.  I did a very good assessment of the Nigerian market.  The online magazine has been on for some time and the response has been good.

What is your distribution network like?

Lagos, Abuja, Ilorin, we are also going abroad but I just decided to start from our source.

Don’t you think the cost is too much for a start?

If you love Africa, it’s not too much.  The content and the quality alone is more than what we are offering.

If I open Afrisphere Magazine, what would I find inside?

Beautiful things, things the people would love, the children.

What were the initial challenges? 

Getting the fund. I spoke to some friends and they liked the idea.  So, we started.  Another challenge was getting the right people to work with.

What were you doing before this?

I am still a student of Engineering at Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, Scotland.

So, what will happen to your Engineering certificate?

I will still do Engineering, but publishing is just a passion for me.  It all started like a joke, it started by writing and friends told me you can write and publish and just one write-up couldn’t give me what I wanted.  I decided to spread my scope.  I have always had writing about Africa in my mind all along.

Don’t you consider the level of competition in the market?

Yes, I am doing something different, this is unique.


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