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Why C-section is changing the face of human evolution

A new research shows that the success of C-sections has helped improved childbirth. Scientists say the technique has shown increase in fetopelvic disproportion (inability of the fetal head to pass through the maternal pelvis).

According to the led author, Dr. Philipp Mitteroecker from the University of Vienna, Austria, “We predict that this weak directional selection has led to a 10 to 20 per cent increase in the rate of fetopelvic disproportion since the regular use of Caesarean sections.”

Interestingly, women’s pelvic canals are not developing to contain the larger heads and brains of babies born nowadays.

“The strikingly high incidence of obstructed labour due to the disproportion of fetal size and the mother’s pelvic dimensions has puzzled evolutionary scientists for decades,” Dr. Mitteroecker explained.

It was also observed that that women fed on strict diets have narrow pelvises.

Dr. Mitteroecker concluded that disproportion may further increase, while newborns with less weight or prematurely born babies will have high survival rates in industrialised count



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