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Why crying often is good for you

Experts have listed the benefits of crying, claiming it has far more advantages than the feeling of helplessness that triggers it.

Here are 5 benefits listed by researchers across the world as compiled by
1. Crying slows down breathing and heart rate and serves as a relief which eventually improves mood.
2. It flushes out the stress hormone (adrenocorticotropic hormone) which creates calm.
Crying also releases prolactin which is a feel-good hormone that relaxes and soothes the body (this is the hormone the body is flushed with during sex and exciting moments).
3. It makes you self-aware and pronounces other positive emotions since you can now compare.
4. Releases built up tension and frustration – and immediately reduces your stress level.
5. Witnessing someone cry acts as a better bonding mechanism as they appear more human and vulnerable, and improves the relationship.

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