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Why DJ Olu, Chime and Tagbo’s autopsy reports must be publicized

Nigerians are now worried that the autopsy reports of Olugbemiga Abiodun, Chime Amaechina Jude and Tagbo Umeike may not be publicized because of the interest their deaths are generating.

Many parties want the reports of the causes of death of the trio made public for the following reasons as compiled by


  1. To address all the controversies

The circumstances of the deaths have been the source of all sorts of allegations.

From poisoning to abandonment by friends, drug overdose to alcohol abuse, many insinuations have hovered around the deaths.

And we need to know what they died of. And move to the next level of investigation.


  1. To show no one is above the law

The revelation will show that no one is being protected.

And the nature of their deaths will dictate if there is need to prosecute their friends or those who perpetrated the killings.


  1. To guide parents on how to minimise such accidents

The disclosure will guide parents on what to do to better protect their children. And the amount of independence they need.


  1. To address dangers our children face

It will also help the government to act in such a way as to protect citizens from drug dealers, poison paddlers and murderers.

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