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Why do you shave your pubic hair?

‘Cleanness is next to godliness’ and as ladies, our privates are delicate organs that should be kept clean always. 

We spoke with ladies on why they shave their pubic hair, and here are their responses…


Bukola Oyewole

I used to shave it occasionally. I don’t like when it is full, I wouldn’t be comfortable with myself. I prefer it clean and tidy


Seyi Onikoyi

I do shave often because if it is full and bushy, it would be scratching me. I hate it when I am having my period and it is full. It gives me this unease, sometimes I feel as if blood is hidden between them. I must shave every week.


Felicia Osas

I don’t like seeing any hair over there. Once I notice any traces of hair, I scrape them off. The sight alone is irritating for me. I am also usually not satisfied when I am washing the place and it is hairy, I derive satisfaction when the place is clean.


Olajumoke Blessing

I shave because I don’t like the smell that comes from that place. It is neater, tidy and cleaner when I shave. That should be a weekly hygiene for ladies as well.


Shokunbi Ronke

I am a very hairy person. I don’t like it when it is too bushy. I have to shave every two weeks. I also believe once it is bushy, it gives me rashes.


Esther Lawal

I shave my pubic hair to look cleaner and fresher especially before having my period. You cannot behold the sight when you have your period, it is just irritating. It also itches whenever it is full.


Francisca Nwobodo

Yes, I shave my pubic hair. I just grew up that way. My mom taught me how to keep my private clean, I am so used to it that I am usually not comfortable if it is unkempt. I also feel those who keep theirs for long are more likely to have infections.


Temmy Salako

My husband usually complains once it is bushy. Aside from that, it is a normal hygiene every lady should keep. It is also irritating seeing it full and bushy.


Munirat Ahmed

I shave because I am not always comfortable when it is full. Sometimes it is scratchy, it itches. There is a tradition in Islam, you must shave every two weeks on a Friday. As a devoted Muslim, I ensure I live up to expectations as a Muslim.




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