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Why drug addicts love Crystal Meth!

+ Why you should never take it

Whether you call it meth, ice, crank or glass; you’d be referring to one of the most popular street drug in the world today!

Crystal Methamphetamine (shortened to crystal meth or meth) is a highly-addictive stimulant drug that induces a long-lasting euphoric high, preceded by very intense low.
It can be ingested, snorted, injected, but the most common method of use is smoking.

But why is Crystal Meth so popular, looks at some reasons:

It is cheap, easily accessible and easy to make
Not only is meth cheap, but its production is also inexpensive, and the drug can be fabricated in a home-made laboratory.

It is also accessible as it can be bought on the streets.
It is very common among club-goers.
One study in Germany, citing a former drug dealer, say that in some cities you can’t buy any other drug on the street, except meth.
Also, meth is composed of easily accessible ingredients which can be purchased over-the-counter at local drugstores.

It is easy to use
Its methods of use include smoking, injecting, ingesting, snorting – making ease of use.

It is highly addictive
Meth is a highly addictive drug. The return to use rate for heroin and cocaine after using twice is 20 percent; but that for meth after twice using is as high as 95 percent!

Why you should never use it!

Crystal Methamphetamine is dangerous and deadly, here’s why-

Just one hit adversely affects the brain’s chemistry and, when used frequently, the cardiovascular and central nervous systems can become severely damaged, impairing the functioning of the heart, brain and spinal cord. Leading even leading to death.

Brain-imaging research of meth addicts who use two to four grams of meth a day revealed serious brain damage consistent with Alzheimer’s disease, stroke and low level Parkinson’s disease syndrome.
Also, domestic violence, identity theft and acts of calculated violence like kidnappings, brutal murders are often linked to people on meth.

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