Why entrepreneurs embrace social media to promote their business (2)

Other than traditional platforms of advertising, entrepreneurs are increasingly adopting social media options such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, and other internet-enabled tools to promote their business.

In this week’s entrepreneur series, we asked how effective this has been as well as their choice platform…


Larry Owojori

Larry Owojori


I rely on social media to promote my business but not in all cases because I deal in many items which attract different people among whom may not be internet savvy.

So, I also exploit other means of promoting my business. But on the average, I have some youths I am connected to on Facebook and that has been facilitating easy transactions between us. And that has really helped my business.

LINDA IKE, Linda’s Pot

Social media is the platform of choice to promote business at the moment. We have also embraced it.

Right now, we promote Linda’s Pot on Facebook. And it has been very effective. Our followership is growing daily. It is about 1,000 friends and over 500 likes at the moment.

Lawrence Onwukwem

Lawrence Onwukwem

LAWRENCE ONWUKWEM, Lawrence & Company

Yes, social media is our advertising medium of choice right now. It is cheaper and more result-oriented than the traditional media.

We are on Twitter and Facebook, but stronger on the latter. We have over 2,000 followers and likes.

TOYIN OYEDOLA, Teetop Entertainment

Yes, I do. That is the most cost effective way of advertising business nowadays. I use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram WhatsApp and I have a blog where people can read us anytime and anywhere in the world.  We have many followers on Twitter, likewise other platforms we are using.

Semiu Adewunmi

Semiu Adewunmi

SEMIU ADEWUNMI, Property Kleaners

Yes, of course, we are very much on the social media. We are on Facebook and Twitter, we make use of those two because it is less expensive and can reach millions of people at a go.

Our presence on those two platforms are very strong.


Social media has revolutionised everything from the way we organise our day to the way we make opinions.

Social media is an indispensable part of the work we do. In fact, we offer social media services to clients. Social media is part of public relations at this point. Our work involves acting as a bridge between brands and their public. Social media is very effective when adequately planned and targeted. There are a lot of people doing it the wrong way and getting bad results.

Nike Fagbule

Nike Fagbule

NIKE FAGBULE, Zebra Stripes

Social media has come to stay, from the MySpace days, to Facebook, then Twitter and Instagram, to even WhatsApp and BBM, virtually everyone with a phone is registered to at least one SIM.

The growth has been viral and it would only get bigger because everyone with a phone can access these social networks as there’s no age limit.

For work, social media plays a key role. From marketing to passing information, to even advertising yourself. Take Twitter for example, you can reach audience you do not even know with just one retweet. It is a good way to reach the younger audience.


Yes, I use the social media in promoting my business. I concentrate on WhatsApp. I am so strong on it, and it has been an effective tool in the promotion of my business.


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