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7 reasons Evans was paraded and encouraged to confess

The arrest of Chukwudumeje Onwuamadike (alias Evans) was immediately publicised by the Inspector General of Police’s Intelligence Response Team and Technical and Intelligence Unit shortly after he was picked up in the afternoon of Saturday, June 10, 2017, at his 3, Fred Shoboyede Street residence in Magodo (Lagos).

The 1 pm arrest of the craftiest, richest and most notorious kidnapper was celebrated by policemen with conscience across the land.
And on Sunday, June 11, the dreaded hoodlum from Akamili, Umudim in Nnewi (Anambra state) was paraded along with some members of his gang. The parade was followed by interviews with crime reporters.
And ever since, he has confessed to being a drug peddler, armed robber and kidnapper in over a decade long crime expedition.
His wife and children were identified, his parents as well as some of the spoils of crime came to public space.
These confessions, the parade and the way the case has been handled have generated criticisms.
But the modus adopted has been hailed by criminologists and those familiar with how events play out in Nigeria.
And here are the reasons advanced for the way the case has been conducted as compiled by
1. The case was dumped in public domain so that Nigerians can follow it to its logical conclusion without interference by those who benefited from Evans. And can short-circuit its conclusion.
All his powerful accomplices and collaborators are being identified and investigated.
2. It sends a signal that criminals are eventually caught no matter how crafty. The display of modern crime detection gadgets is a signal that the long arms of the law will always catch up with crooks.
3. It prevents unnecessary deception by lawyers that Evans has any chance of acquittal.
Vultures who defend clear-cut high crimes will be wary.
4. It gives prosecution a lot of leads as the different interviews by experienced crime reporters throw up lies and loopholes and more areas to explore.
The probing questions of journalists complement Police crack detectives’ modus.
5. It allows international cooperation in curbing crime as investigations spread to other countries he has property or has operated as a criminal.
And it restores confidence in Nigeria by our neighbours and collaborators that we are serious.
6. It re-echoes the dictum that beneficiaries of crime will be treated as criminals.
That all the excuses and deceit cannot hold water by those who enjoyed Evans’ spoils of crime.
7. Confidence is restored as Nigerians heave a sigh of relief that kidnapping will reduce.
The general state of insecurity and fear will subside.

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