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‘Why FAYOSE is the  candidate to beat’ -BARR. OWOSENI AJAYI, Deputy Director, Fayose Campaign Organisation

Gov. Fayose

DURING ENCOMIUM Weekly’s Ekiti tour, we also had an exclusive interview with Barrister Owoseni Ajayi, Deputy Director, Fayose Campaign Organisation.  He equally predicted his boss’ victory at the polls.


Owoseni-AjayiCan you tell us about yourself?

My name is Barrister Owoseni Ajayi, former Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Ekiti State.  I am also the immediate past chairman, Nigeria Bar Association, Ekiti State.  I am currently the Deputy Director General, Fayose Campaign Organisation.

Why is he the candidate to beat in the election?

There are so many reasons people described him as the architect of modern Ekiti State. One of the reasons is his performance while in government.  He was the pioneer of the modernization of Ado Ekiti.  Before his ascendency, Ado Ekiti was a glorified village.  He dualised all the roads and introduced street light in Ekiti which was powered by generators. It is being copied by the present administration.  Virtually everything you see in Ekiti today that is called government of Ekiti was by him.  The Adetiloye Hall was by him; he does his things in such a way that the living legends were honoured.  The only multipurpose hall in Ekiti was by him.  He never named all these things after himself.  The Fountain Hotel was by him.  The trade fair conference was also through him.  The hall inside the Government House was named after one of our greatest heroines.  He did all these.  He built the governor’s office which is adjudged the best in South West.  He also built the governor’s house, presidential lodge and several chalets in Government House.  The sport council was a ramshackle thing while the seating terrace was plank, but he built the present state which was only renovated by the present government.

Let me now discuss his human relationship which is 100 per cent.  Workers never strike for a day during his tenure.  In the present dispensation teachers and local government officials have gone on strike severally.  Fayose celebrated them in an unusual way, he made them feel loved. He gave them uniform and cows to celebrate their day and celebrated with them.  He encouraged them. He was paying them regularly by 22 of each month.  That’s why all these teachers have vowed to vote to bring him back.  Fayemi dissolved their union and disrupted their day.  He gave them harsh conditions which was rejected by the association.  This is ridiculous, they will resist him at the polling booth.  70 per cent of the local government staffers were employed by Fayose.  Fayemi tried to retrench them through the introduction of Boko Haram scheme.

What they referred to that was the agency he employed from Lagos to make them register three times.  At 7.30, the staffers were queued up to mark attendant.  By 1 p.m and 5 p.m, they do same.  That’s three times daily and the staffers felt humiliated.  They endured it but have decided to revenge at the polling booth.  That’s why they called the consultants Boko Haram.  That’s why the local government have been resisting him.  He has not conducted local government election till date.

Also, Fayose is a grassroots politician and his opponents admitted that. There is no Ekiti indigene who doesn’t have his direct line. He relates with them one on one.  It was not a sudden experience. It has been his lifestyle.  During the tick of the crisis while in government, we advised him to limit his frequent visit to the masses, such as market, for security reasons, he flared up.  He told us his aides that he felt more secure among them than we politicians.  He chided us saying we prevent them from seeing him in office and most of their problems were solved when he visits them daily. He said N10,000 can solve some families problem when he mingled with them daily.  Critical employment problems were solved on the spot when he visits them. Do you think the masses will forget such a person?  Seek the opinion of the people and they will tell you they prefer Fayose who identifies with them than a governor who has never visited them unless on television.  Democracy is the government of the people.  The power resides with the people.  Are you aware that two people were gunned down, an elderly man of 80 and 30 year old man.  Their offence was defecting from APC to PDP.  The case is being handled by activists.  They did the same during the rally of Labour Party at Imure-Ekiti where one Mr. Ogundare was killed in broad daylight.  The police found them guilty but they were exonerated by the governor through the Ministry of Justice.  On the issue of violence in Ekiti, they are the aggressors and will be the first to go to the press crying foul.  Political parties will be granted permit in another local government while they are in other axis.  They are not supposed to clash. But they will leave their axis and confront the other parties.

What really happened during the last violent act where a party member was killed?

It was all lies.  They tried to blackmail the police into submission.  Even the police commander was forced to label them mischievous people.  The police tried to be professional by being neutral but it got to a level they were forced to utter that statement that APC was mischievous who will attack and be the one to say they were attacked. Over 50 people have been charged to court over violent act during this campaign and all were APC people. It included Governor Fayemi’s Special Assistant on Security Matters, Mr. Deji Adesokan and Niyi Adepita known as Apase. Most of them have been accused and charged to court for attacking us in broad daylight.  The president came that day during our mega rally.  The following morning, they gathered at the stadium without permit and said they were cleansing the feet of the president away.  They now went round town beating up anybody with PDP logo.  They spoilt 15 okadas belonging to our party members and the person killed was not an APC member but our own party member.  They quickly arranged the situation to make it look like they were being attacked. If you check the picture being reported is different from the real one.

Why do they accuse Fayose of being controversial?

The reason is not far-fetched.  He is a revolutionary who has been mandated to challenge the status quo.  He has no godfather but made the masses his godfathers.  That’s why the elite don’t like him.  He is only interested in the well being of his people.  That’s why they see him as the messiah of the masses.



PETER Ayodele Fayose was born on November 13,1960. He was Governor of Ekiti state from May 29, 2003 to October 16, 2006.He grew up in Ibadan, Oyo state where he attended Olivet Baptist High School.

Fayose is married to Feyisetan, of Deeper Life Christian Ministry. They are blessed with children.

From Afao-Ekiti in Irepodun/Ifelodun Local Government, Fayose would be inaugurated on October 16.




THIS was what an Ekiti citizen, Akinbode Akingbola Samson said about Fayemi’s disgrace at the Saturday, June 21 guber poll: “Who is that governor that gathered over 14,000 Ekiti youths to buy civil service forms for employment @ #1,000 each and assembled them in EKSU, asked them what is plural of mango, what is a goat and at the end said 90% failed? Who is that governor of Ekiti that sold forms for employment into Ekiti State Hospital Management Board @#5,000 for about 5,000 applicants and @ the end employed less than 100 people? Who is that governor that sold forms of employment for over 15,000 applicants for Ekiti State Teaching Service Commission but gave few people employment letters few months to the election? Who is that governor that suspended school unionism in our university and college of education? Who is that governor that said No School Fees, No lecturers? Who is that governor that said bursary is not meant 4 students since he became a state gov, who is that governor that says Democracy is govt of elite 4 d elites? Who is that governor that destroyed the road dividers in Ado major roads with millions of Naira in the name of planting flowers but up till now the flowers have not grown since 2011? Who is that governor that has put Ekiti into debt despite Federal Government monthly allocation, Sure-P funds, World Bank intervention funds, increase in Ekiti IGR? Who is that governor that has left what he was supposed to do for the masses and the teaming workers of Ekiti since the past three years and now think election period is the best time to enjoy dividend of democracy.  Ekiti Decided!”



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