Why Folorunsho Alakija did not attend brother’s 2nd marriage

In our edition of Tuesday, April 15, 2014, we wrote a story on Africa’s richest woman, Mrs. Folorunsho Alakija’s refusal to attend her younger brother, Alhaji Hakeem Ogbara’s marriage to his second wife, Hakeemat Ogbara, because she did not approve of the relationship because of Hakeemat lifestyle.

Hakeem with his 2nd wife, Adenike

Hakeem and Adenike

A family source who called us on behalf of the man and his new wife refuted our story.

He said it is true that Mrs. Folorunsho Alakija did not attend the Nikkai and introduction ceremony but not because of her disapproval of the relationship between the two. But because she was not informed about the ceremony at all.

According to the family source, Mrs. Alakija was away on a business trip abroad when the decision for the Nikkai was taken.

“The decision and the date were taken just two week before the Nikkai. He (Hakeem) never even thought the date would be a reality so soon. But when he eventually made up his mind to go ahead with the Nikkai, the sister had travelled to Chicago, Illinois, USA, for business.”

The source went further to say the issue of marriage is not what could be discussed on phone with the sister, either through a call or text message. He said Mr. Ogbara is just planning to inform the sister about the marriage now that she is back.

The family source said Ogbara personally went to the houses of his other siblings (five in all), not only to inform them of his intention to marry a second wife but why he is doing so, but couldn’t go to that of his sister, Folorunsho Alakija because she was not around.

Hakeem and Hakeemat

Hakeem and Hakeemat

“Now that she is back, I’m sure he would have informed her”, the source said.

He said Mrs. Folorunsho Alakija, though a staunch and devout Christian respects her brother and will agree with him even as he is a muslim. The source told ENCOMIUM Weekly that Alhaji Hakeem Ogbara is the only muslim among his siblings.

That contrary to what we wrote, they are seven from their own mother, who he said was the first wife of their late father.

“Of all these seven, only Alhaji Hakeem Ogbara is a muslim. All others, including the head of the families, Alhaji Rasaq Ogbara, who is now an evangelist, have all converted to Christianity.”

And as a muslim, his religion allows him to marry more than one wife. And his sister knows this and will not go against the decision of her brother.”

On why he did not inform his first wife about his intention to marry another wife. “Who told you he did not inform her?” the source asked.

“He informed her a day or two after the Nikkai and she has taken the whole thing calmly. Though there was an initial uproar and protestation but she has since taken the whole thing in her stride”, said our source.

The source further told us that Alhaji Hakeem Ogbara and his first wife have been married for 23 years now. They both have been living in Dublin, Ireland with their children, three of whom are already in the university and the last is just seven.

We further gathered that due to pressure from family members, Alhaji Ogbara relocated to Nigeria in 2010. Since then, he has been shuttling Lagos and Dublin where his family are still based.

We gathered that along the line, Mr. Ogbara established a business – Hakog Integrated Services in Nigeria, which made him to stay in Nigeria for a long period.

It was in the course of his long stay in Nigeria that he met Miss Folakemi Adeniyi, a business woman, who plies her trade in some of the Asian countries where she buys items to sell in Nigeria.

Contrary to what we wrote last week, her shop is at 9, Emmanuel Street, Maryland, Lagos, and not Alade Market, Ikeja, Lagos.

The source also said Mr. Ogbara did not like our comment that her sister did not approve his marriage to Folakemi (Hakeemat) because of her lifestyle.

Hakeemat, according to the source, is not only a beautiful woman but well-mannered, hard-working and possesses all other good qualities that a man wants in a woman. That since Alhaji Ogbara has been dating her (Hakeemat) there has been a tremendous change in his life.





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