‘Why I abandoned my IT job in UK to pursue my music career in Nigeria’ – KIM WONDER

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Kim Wonder

Kim Wonder

Kim Wonder is a Nigerian singer and song writer, who recently joined the growing list of artistes who returned from overseas to pursue a music career.
Having lived and worked in the UK for some time, the talented, Anambra state born singer decided to abandon her regular IT job and relocate to Nigeria for music.
She is currently making waves locally and internationally with her current singles, How You Dey, ‘Kilo Kilo and Work, Rock & Dance dominating music charts across Africa.
She recently added a new one to her video collection for her track, How You Dey which she shot in Johannesburg, South Africa. The video is now on rotation across Africa.
She also recently was on a media tour in Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa. She is currently working on brand new hot singles, which she will be dropping soon, and is set to release a top-notch world-class album also in the works. ENCOMIUM Weekly, in this interview with the well endowed singer took her on her decision to relocate to Nigeria, her expectations, and many more.

How do we classify your genre of music?
I do RnB pop but now we do a lot of Afro pop, I also do urban music but I don’t limit myself.
When did you decide to relocate to Nigeria to pursue a music career?
It just happened that I decided to come back. I think it’s because I had the opportunity. When I started my music career, it was more like a hobby until some people took it upon themselves to take me to the studio when I was in Kent. They saw something special even though I didn’t see it. Now that I’m in it, I thought it’s best I returned home because I appreciate the way the entertainment industry is growing.
What were you doing in the UK before music?
Information Technology, I was working with IBM and Adobe.
So, you left your job to focus on music?
Yes, I did that because I felt life is in stages and this stage is a good time for me to do my music.

Kim Wonder

Kim Wonder

How well do you understand the music terrain here?
Of course, I’m getting used to some of the songs. I noticed that the songs here have to be kind of groovy, people love to dance in Nigeria. I remember my earlier songs, people comment that there are a lot of words, Nigerians are not really into songs with too much words, but I think they still appreciate good music. There is a blend between commercial and good music in Nigeria now.
So, you have done your homework very well?
I know that it’s a lot of hard work, but it’s what I’m up for. I’ll do what I have to do, I’m going back to the studio, I just dropped two songs, There was a boy and Celebrate now. I’m just getting to know most of the artistes here, how things work here and I did a track with Del B, the producer doing most of the commercial tracks now. I just shot the video to Celebrate now which would drop soon. I’m looking forward to working with other interesting producers, hopefully more collabos.
I was going to ask if you have plans to work with any of our A list aristes?
There are many artistes doing well. If I start calling names, I’ll keep going on and on. I think it’s anyone that is available that I will work with, it could be anybody. I say anybody because sometimes you say you want to feature someone and he is not available, then you get someone else.
I think it makes the industry a bit draggy when everyone keeps calling the same names, same artistes, if we want the industry to grow, I think we should be able to accommodate not just a few people. At the end of the day, it’s not guaranteed that doing a song with a popular artiste will project you.
I know some female artistes who refused to feature anybody till they get to a point where they know they can hold their own. I’m open to working with an established artiste but I’m not desperate about it.

Kim Wonder

Kim Wonder

What strategy do you have to employ to become successful as a Nigerian artiste?
I know that it’s not easy. I feel it’s like every other profession. Even when you have a normal 9 to 5 job, there are still challenges. The secret of most of the successful artistes is their team. There are people that wake in the morning and have them in their head. Once that is in place, you’ll be fine and that’s what I’m working on. It’s not all about the talent, sometimes your team matters too.
Are you signed to any label?
No, I’m not signed to any label, but I have a management team that I have a contract with.
So, you’re open to joining a major label anytime?
I’m open to growth.
How do you relax?
I watch movies, go swimming and I read. I like traveling too and hanging out with friends.
How do you have time for your lover?
There are some things I’ll love to keep to myself. I’d rather not talk about it.
Is he in Nigeria?
No comment on that. If you assume there is someone, just keep assuming.
Are you saying there is no man in your life?
I did not say anything, I’m into my music now.
Let’s talk about your appearance, having seen some of your videos and seeing how you dress, would I be correct to say you prefer dressing conservatively?
Obviously, I have my style but it’s always evolving and it would evolve more. That’s how I started out. You also have to remember you are a role model. There are a lot of interesting things on television already.
So, you’re not ready to flaunt your curves, and turn on your sexiness?
It depends, of course a lot of people think that’s the way because it has a huge market but I still believe that female artistes can do well without exposing themselves. I don’t think I have seen any sexiness coming from ASA, yet she is great. I’m not saying there is anything wrong in anyone that decides to be sexy, but I believe being sexy can come from the inside, not just what they are seeing.
You know you are well endowed. So some fans would expect that you show some skin?
Thank you. Maybe by the time I connect with the industry more. I feel I have not really hit my fashion sense, it’s still evolving.


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