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‘Why I am contesting for Ifako Ijaiye Local Government chairmanship’ – SUNDAY OGUNDARE


Sunday Ogundare is contesting for the chairmanship of Ifako Ijaye Local Government. He is promising to transform Ifako Ijaye Local Government if elected. ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with him on why he is contesting and what he has to offer.


We will like to know who Sunday Ogundare is?

Like you rightly said, my name is Sunday Ogundare. I am a Lagosian. I was born into politics. My father was the chairman of a local government. We went around together. He used to carry me along to meetings. I didn’t know I would develop interest in politics as well. He tutored me when it comes to political matters. I reflect on his teachings and advise now that I am into politics too.

What inspired the idea to go for Ifako Ijaye Local Government chairmanship?

I have been in Ifako Ijaiye for years now. I am part of the grassroots. I relate with everybody. We are all together.

I don’t really appreciate what is happening at Ifako Ijaiye now. It is not pleasant. We should look at it from the angle of leadership. If the leaders agree and unite, Ifako Ijaiye would have grown better. When I look at them, I noticed that there is no unity at all among them.

What are the things you have done in this community that gives you the confidence that you will be elected?

I don’t think I need to count or mention my achievements in the community. To God be the glory. If I decide to do or give anything, I go through the party and they will give it out. Very soon, I will give Ifako Ijaye General Hospital an incubator I promised them sometime back .God will help me to fulfill it. I will give it to the party, and the party will present it.

Can you tell us your political antecedent?

If you go round Ifako Ijaiye today and ask of my name, you will get an answer to your question. I work as a freight forwarder. In 2011, I was moved to Tincan Port. Some people took my picture asking if community dwellers could identify me. A lot of them gave them favourable response. I believe one should do good always. It will become a point of reference later.

What are your plans for ifako Ijaye local Government?

There are a lot of things I want to do for my people. I will change certain rules and regulations. I promise Ifako Ijaiye people that they will laugh if I become the chairman. We are going to operate an open door system. The office will be opened for all. Nobody will be outside. I told some people that we might be sitting under the tree.

I plan to start paying the aged in Ifako Ijaye. Anybody from 60 will earn a salary. The money is there but, we are not utilising it. I will transform some wards. For example, people on Dada, Ibari, Olufemi Ajayi, they don’t have good roads.  Even in ward C2, there are no motorable roads.

How will you finance the project?

There is internally generated funds. Ifako ijaiye is one of the highest paid local governments. I believe there is mismanagement somewhere. It is not as if after getting there, I will now forget the people that voted me in. I will never do that.

Will you complete the secretariat if elected?

Yes, I will. We will govern from that place. Though, I will be sitting under the tree first. I will use artisans from Ifako Ijaye to complete it. We will all do the work together and we will be paid.

Politics in Lagos state is about godfatherism, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu dictates what is happening on the political scene, what is your take on that?

Nobody will prevent anybody from contesting. You can contest, if you want to contest. First, you have to go to your leaders at your ward. Then to the local government. If you are accepted, that is okay.

The issue of god-fatherism is simple but the truth is, you must have leaders. You must be loyal to them. I mean 100 percent loyalty. If I say leadership not necessarily god-fatherism. I don’t even have one but, I have a political leader. His name is Salvador Adebayo. He was special adviser to Governor Fashola on PMO. He has been very good to me. I will even see him this evening. I make sure I carry him along in whatever I do.

A lot of politicians womanise, do you also do that?

I don’t do it. I believe a lot of people are killing themselves by womanising. When you are a public office holder, you are not in office because of yourself, but because of people surrounding you. You shouldn’t misuse the opportunity you have while in office. Just remember that after your tenure, you will have to go back to the same people you neglected.

What should we expect from you if you win?

By the grace of God, Ifako Ijaiye will not regret electing us to power.

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